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Syndicate: MILIA 98


MILIA, the International Market for Edition and New Media, a world-class
mirror for trends and the evolutions in the fields of Multimedia Edition,
Interactive Programs and Online Services will take place in Cannes, France,
from the 8th to the 11th of February 1998.

As an international reference for co-productions, partnership deals,
project start-ups and developments, this market is the place-to-be for the
biggest actors in new technologies and a storefront for the most innovative
projects in the sector.

Thus, the CICV Pierre Schaeffer will be in Cannes to promote its creative
potential and its technological know-how.

It will show :

- The Pouponniere de Jeunes Entrepreneurs (Nursery for Young Entrepreneurs)
It's an educational project which allows young people from 18 to 30 years
old to develop their own professional activities in the field of new
multimedia technologies. During 18 months, they're hosted, trained and
receive full support from experts at CICV. This project is under the
european label and funding of  the ADAPT ;
- Its new Virtual Reality branch ;
- and of course the whole CICV website <> (Artistical,
cultural, educational, social and econonomical web content).

The CICV team will be happy to meet you between February 8th and 11th on
Booth 16-19 (Palais des Festivals, Main Entrance, Level 01, Aisle No.16.)
Booth's phone number : +33 (0)4 92 99 83 28.

Pouponniere Jeunes Entrepreneurs :
Press Information : Eric Prigent

Alain Chaneaux, CICV Pierre Schaeffer president
Pierre Bongiovani, manager
Isabelle Truchot, manager

On the booth "CICV website" :
Lionel Bole, Multimedia and Graphic Creation
Michel Ravey, Webmaster

On the booth CICV-Pouponniere des Jeunes Entrepreneurs :

Marie-Reine Jost, Pouponniere Coordinator
Eric Prigent, Communication
Yasmina Demoly, Creation Residencies

Ivan Chabanaud, Artist (Virtual Reality)

Bruno Herbelin,  associate engineer

MILIA 98 Website :

eric prigent
communication et dŽveloppement

CICV Pierre Schaeffer Montbeliard Belfort
Tel 03 81 30 90 30
Fax 03 81 30 95 25