nina czegledy on Thu, 11 Apr 1996 13:04:02 -0400

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Central and East European Videos at Images Festival

Hello everybody,
news from  Toronto:

"The ninth annual Images festival gets under way on May 2, 1996. with a
sizzling new line-up innovative independent films and videos from across
Canada, US and abroad. Images is Canada's largest venue for independent
film and video, saluting the creative visions of over 100 cutting edge
mediamakers during a ten day period.

This year as part of an exchange with the Mediawave Visual Arts festival of
Hungary, Images  is pleased to present two programmes of recent film and
video from Hungary and East Europe. The "I" of the Hurricane and V is for
Video, Mediawave brings a rare sampling of avant garde Eastern European
documentary/experimental and animated works to a Canadian audience.

For the first time Images pays homage to the burgeoning wave of cyber art
with <CLIK> a new program of interactive works for the computer screen.
Presented in collaboration with Inter/Access, a centre for artists
exploring computer media, the exhibition will feature eight unique
explorations by artists Vera Frenkel, Jack Butler, Kika Thorne, Velcrow
Ripper, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Syeve Reinke, Jeff Mann and Michelle Gay.
Images website:

p.s. "Logodi Street", the 23 minute long English version of my
Hungarian/Canadian coproduction documentary will be shown
on May 5, 1996 at the Images Festival.
Wish you all of you would be able to come.

Best regards

Nina Czegledy