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Hola! Here is an update on the content of this year's Cyberconf. If you plan
to attend please register as soon as possible because there are only 140
places available in total. Sorry if you receive this message more than once.

*                            5CYBERCONF Programme                            *

                 Fifth International Conference on Cyberspace
                     June 6th to 9th, 1996. Madrid, Spain
            Hosted by "Fundacion Arte y Tecnologia de Telefonica"

      Keynote speakers
      Plenary papers
      Special events
      Fees and registration
      Travel discounts and accommodation
      Organizers and production
      Selection committee
      For further information

*     INTRODUCTION              *

5CYBERCONF is an international conference that addresses the social,
political and cultural implications of cyberspace from a critical standpoint
and encourages discussion between theoreticians and practitioners. Hosted for
the first time in Europe, this fifth edition of CYBERCONF considers computer-
human interface breakthroughs, our fascination and weariness with disobedient
technology, the role of synthetic behaviour in virtual design, and the
increasing importance of cross-cultural contributions to the electronic

5CYBERCONF is scheduled to start on Thursday afternoon, June 6th and take
place over three and a half days. There will be 7 keynote speakers, 18
plenary sessions, special events, a videoconference link-up and a banquet
dinner on Sunday June 9th. All sessions are designed to foster discussion.
Presentations will be in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation.
The six themes are:

      TECHNOLOGY GOOD, PEOPLE BAD (Virtual Perversions)
      SYNTHETIC BEHAVIOUR (Recombinart)

*     KEYNOTE SPEAKERS          *

CAROLINA CRUZ-NEIRA (Spain) - Associate scientist and professor, University
of Iowa. Co-developer of the CAVE Virtual Reality system.

MANUEL DE LANDA (Mexico-USA) - Artist, filmmaker and programmer. Author of
the books "War in the Age of Intelligent Machines" and "Phylum: a Thousand
years of Nonlinear History".

GUILLERMO GOMEZ-PENA (Mexico-USA) - Writer and performance artist. Author of
the book "Warrior for Gringostroika." His most recent piece develops "Cyber
Aztec TV" in the age of chicano virtual reality.

ANTONI MUNTADAS (Spain-USA) - Conceptual and media artist. Author of the
"File Room" internet site. His work has been shown at most of the world's
important contemporary art exhibitions.

WARREN ROBINETT (USA) - VR pioneer, programmer and designer at Atari, NASA
Ames, University of North Carolina and Virtual Reality Games.

FLORIAN ROETZER (Germany) - Theorist and art critic, curator of exhibitions
and symposiums in the field of new media, incuding "Digitale Schein" in
Munich 1991 and "Telepolis" in Luxemburg 1995.

ALLUCQUERE ROSANNE STONE (USA) - Professor at the University of Texas at
Austin. Author of the book "The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of
the Mechanical Age" and many essays on virtual culture.

*     PLENARY PAPERS            *

The following 18 papers were chosen by the selection committee from 150
abstracts received through our call for participation. They are listed in
alphabetical order by author:

"Sideburnspace: A Corpus-Centric View of Inter/Arti-face Design and Creation"
by WILL BAUER (Canada). Artist and engineer, inventor of the GAMS virtual
reality and media controller.

"Control and Passion" by JOSE A. BRAGANCA DE MIRANDA (Portugal). Professor of
Communications at the New University of Lisbon. Editor of the "Review of
Communication and Languages."

"'Roots and Wires:' Poly-Rhythmic Cyberspace and the Black Electronic" by
ERIK DAVIS (USA). Freelance writer, has contributed to Wired, The Village
Voice, Mediamatic, The Utne Reader, The Nation and others.

"Crash, Crisis, Containment, and Cyberia" by TIMOTHY DRUCKREY (USA). Curator,
critic and writer. Editor of "Culture on the Brink" and "Iterations" among
other books related to events that he has curated.

"Is Oedipus Online: or Why I Read Freud in the Information Age (Hyper-
visibility and body claims in post-society)" by JERRY ALINE FLIEGER (USA).
Professor at Rutgers University, her most recent book is "The Listening Eye".

"Cybertrauma and the Disorders of Testimony" by HEIDI GILPIN (USA). Assistant
Professor in the Department of Dance, University of California, Riverside.
Dramaturg of William Forsythe and the Frankfurt Ballet.

"Mistakes and Misbehavior: Tantrums in/Tampering with Cyberspace" by PERRY
HOBERMAN (USA). Award winning installation and performance artist. Art
Director at Telepresence Research. Teaches at the School of Visual Arts.

"Techno-Parasites: Bringing the Machinic Unconscious to Life" by
ERIK HOBIJN // ANDREAS BROECKMANN (Netherlands // Germany). Media and machine
artist, founding member of the Netband. // Cultural historian and media art
curator, currently works with V2 in Rotterdam.

"Epizoo: Cruelty and Gratuitousness in Real Virtuality" by SERGI JORDA
(Spain). Artist, composer and software programmer. Has worked with
Antunez in several interactive installations and performances.

"Nonlocated Events: How to Open Fields of Action within Cognitive Cyber-
Structures" by KNOWBOTIC RESEARCH (Austria / Germany). Award winning media
art group, co-founders of Mem_brane Laboratory for Media Strategies.

"Net Criticism" presented by GEERT LOVINK // PIT SCHULTZ (Netherlands //
Germany). Media theorists, writers and event and exhibition curators,
including Metaforum I and II (Budapest), Ex Oriente Lux (Bucharest),
Interface 3 (Hamburg) and the Next Five Minutes I and II (Amsterdam).

"From Rubber Catsuits to Silicon Wetware: Transforming the Human Body and
Polymorphic Desire(s) in Synthetic Media" by WILLIAM R. MACAULEY (UK). Staff
member and research student in the Department of Psychology, University of

"Cyber Sense Dispersal: Stelarc and Post-Human Evolution" by BRIAN MASSUMI
(Australia). Author of "A User's Guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia" and
"First and Last Emperors." Researcher at the University of Queensland.

"Dramatis Personae: Casting Cyberselves" by SALLY JANE NORMAN (New
Zealand/France). Performing arts theorist and organizer, research associate
with the CNRS Performing Arts Laboratory.

"Forsaken Geographies: Cyberspace and the New World 'Other'" by OLU OGUIBE
(Nigeria). Award-winning poet, artist and art historian. Assistant Professor
at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

"Proximal and Distal Unities" by MARK D. PESCE (USA). Researcher, author and
theorist. Co-inventor of a virtual interface to the World Wide Web, which
became the basis for the Virtual Reality Modeling Language VRML.

"Bodymaps: Artifacts of Mortality, Interfacing through, and into the Self" by
THECLA SCHIPHORST (Canada). Artist, choreographer and computer systems
designer. Works with Merce Cunningham using "Life Forms" a computer
choreographic software she helped design.

"After the Nationalist Panopticon: the Experience of Cyberpublics in India"
by RAVI SUNDARAM (India). Fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing
Societies, Delhi. His forthcoming book is "Time, Modernity and the Modern

*     SPECIAL EVENTS            *

Premiere of "On Translation: The Transmission" artist project by ANTONI
MUNTADAS. Videoconference link-up between the Games (Atlanta) and the
Conference (Madrid). With the collaboration of CLAUDIA GIANETTI.

Performance about the "Brownification of the Net, techno-pirates, cyber-
coyotes and mexican hypertexts" by GUILLERMO GOMEZ-PENA.

"Cyberspace Independence" session with JOHN PERRY BARLOW (USA). Co-founder of
the Electronic Frontier Foundation, cognitive dissident.

Private pre-release screening of DAVID CRONENBERG's new film "Crash" based on
the novel by J.G. BALLARD. <TBC>

Presentation of the "Telespacios" environment by JOAN COSTA (Spain). Author
of two dozen books on communication theory and design.

The list of speakers and special events is preliminary; more to be added. We
reserve the right to make changes to this program. Please visit our Web site
for more information and updates on 5Cyberconf.

*      FEES & REGISTRATION      *

The registration fee for attending 5CYBERCONF is US$200. The registration
form can be found on-line at our web site, or by contacting Susie Ramsay at Please note that registration is on a first
come, first serve basis and attendance is limited to 140. The deadline for
registration is May 1, 1996


As the official air carrier for the conference, Iberia Airlines is offering
discounts on round-trip flights for registered attendees. Hotels within
walking distance of the conference site can be reserved by filling out the
appropriate section in the registration form. Contact us at the numbers given
below for further information.

*     LOCATION                  *

5CYBERCONF will take place in the small, comfortable, modern auditorium of
the Art and Technology Foundation situated in the heart of Madrid. The
historic building that houses the Foundation is within walking distance of
sites of interest such as the Plaza Mayor, la Puerta del Sol and the Prado
Museum. Madrid has a lively street life and is famous for its tapa bars,
Flamenco scene, sidewalk cafes and all night festivities. June is usually
warm, sunny and dry.


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Chair
Susie Ramsay, Coordinator
Allucquere Rosanne Stone, Goddess of Cyberspace


Fundacion Arte y Tecnologia de Telefonica
Candido Velazquez-Gaztelu, Chair
Roberto Velazquez Martin, Manager
L. Ishi-Kawa, Curator and Assistant Manager.


Alex Adriaansens, V2 (Netherlands)
Montxo Algora, Art Futura (Spain)
Carlota Alvarez Basso, Reina Sofia Museum (Spain)
Roy Ascott, CAIIA (UK)
Xavier Berenguer, U. Pompeu Fabra (Spain)
Annick Bureaud, Art-El, ASTN (France)
Daniel Canogar, Independent (Spain)
Fernando Castro, Instituto de Estetica y Teoria de las Artes (Spain)
Estrella de Diego, U. Complutense (Spain)
Andrea Di Castro, CNA (Mexico)
Javier Echeverria, U. del Pais Vasco (Spain)
Lorne Falk, Independent (USA)
Monika Fleischmann, GMD (Germany)
Pedro Garhel, Espacio "P" (Spain)
Antonio Golderos, Telefonica I+D (Spain)
Francisco Jarauta, U. de Murcia (Spain)
Jose Jimenez, Instituto de Estetica y Teoria de las Artes (Spain)
Eduardo Kac, U. of Kentucky (Brazil)
Derrick de Kerckhove, McLuhan Institute (Canada)
Machiko Kusahara, GCL, NTT (Japan)
Emilio Lopez-Galiacho, Arquimedia (Spain)
Roger Malina, Leonardo, ISAST (USA)
Jose Antonio Mayo, Realidad Virtual S. L. (Spain)
Marcos Novak, U. of Texas (USA)
Karin Ohlenschlaeger, Proyectos Culturales (Spain)
Maria Pallier, Metropolis (Spain)
Jorinde Seijdel, Independent (Netherlands)
Jeffrey Shaw, ZKM (Australia)
Gerfried Stocker, Ars Electronica (Austria)
Allucquere Rosanne Stone, U. of Texas (USA)
Geert-Jan Strengholt, Mediamatic (Netherlands)
Christine Tamblyn, Florida International U. (USA)


Fundacion Arte y Tecnologia
Gran Via, 28. 2 planta
28013 Madrid, Spain
Tel. 34-1-542-9380
Fax. 34-1-521-0041
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