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rriculum vita


Project of Evgenija Demnievska

Co-Organized with the Museum of the City of Skopje and the Soros
center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje

Segment/porte: Paris -  Venice - Budapest - Skopje
23.24.25 April 1996

Curriculum Vitae is an interactive art event consisting of 
segment-events that take place simultaneously in different places,
interconnected by post, telephone, fax and Internet. One or more nodal
locations will have a pre-planned ambient installation as the starting
point. These installations will use material from past eventws as a
bser ofr the new one. A multi-professional team will imitiate the
action in each of the locations. YOU ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE in
person and/or at a distance (post, phone, fax and internet). You are
free to choose what you do with Curriculum Vitae. Your action will
transform the situation, enlarging it beyond the starting
installations and creating other events elsewhere. A net of material -
virtual relations will thus be formed, generating an energy which
manifests itself in coincidences and surprising events. These are
signs which enable us to sense the direction of the process of change,
leading us to actions which will give an irrational, natural sense to
the form of the event.


Galerie Multimedia IESA
18, Boulevard St-MArcel - 75005
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Artpool Art Reasearch Center 
H - 1277 Budapest 23.Pf.52 Hungary
Tel: 361.268.0114
fax: 361. 121.0833


International Conference of Museums and exhibitions, Museum Correr


City Museum
Mito HadziVasilev bb, 91000 Skopje
Tel: 389.91.115.367/4828
Fax: 389.91.133.310 / 320

Additional Informations at Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - 
Skopje, Macedonia

tel/fax: 389.91.361.855