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Syndicate: City of Women 2000 opens on Wed. 4th

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Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 12:17:58 +0200


The 6th International Festival of Contemporary Arts CITY OF
WOMEN opens on Wednesday, October 4th with the exhibition
"Sense" by the Slovene photographer Manja ZORE (8 pm).

At 9 pm the festival will be officially opened by Darja ZAVIRSEK
(president of the Association for the Promotion of Women) and the
Rumania-born, American actress Elina LOWENSOHN.
For the opening concert City of Women and Cankerjev dom have
invited the Greek vocalist Savina YANNATOU and her group
Yannatou will perform "Songs of the Mediterranean" and
"Sephardic Folk Songs". Audiences and critics throughout the
world have praised her outstanding technique (with its "crystal clear
voice", "virtuosity", "perfect voice control"), as well as her exquisite
interpretative qualities ("deeply moving", "magic", "charismatic",

Tickets are available at the Cankarjev dom box-office.


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