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Syndicate: Eyebeam: Announcing Online Forum on Future TV

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 12:01:20 -0400
From: Eyebeam Atelier <>

Media Contacts:
Adam Lerner, Eyebeam Atelier,
Karen Russo, Livet Reichard Company,


(New York, NY) -- Eyebeam Atelier is pleased to announce its third
annual online critical forum, Revisioning Television, examining the
past, present, and future of television. The four-week forum on
Eyebeam's Web site will launch October 23rd at
<> and run through November 20th.
The online forum will unite video artists, digital art critics and
curators, media and communications academics, and industry professionals
in an investigation of television as a medium for cultural and artistic
practice. It will also explore the future of television in a world of
Internet convergence and interactive technologies.

The online forum will have a fast-paced, moderated question and answer
format between the invited participants and the public. The Web site
will be updated daily and contain postings from the public, statements
from the forum directors, and biographies of the invited participants.

The online forum will take the shape of a television broadcast with
three different "channels" addressing three different themes throughout
its duration. Each channel focuses on separate issues related to the
role of television in our culture:

1. Mass Media: The History, Politics and Socio-cultural Dimensions of
2. Interactivity: New Technologies and the Future of Television in an
Interactive World;
3. Art Form: Television as an Artistic Medium.

The channels will be supplemented with glossaries of cutting-edge
technologies, digital and media terms, and other interesting topics.
Participants will be encouraged to add their own definitions and
Internet links to the glossaries.

Revisioning Television will be directed by artist Sheldon Brown,
Director of the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts at
University of California at San Diego and Sharleen Smith of Oxygen
Media. It will feature more than 27 luminaries in the field, including
David Carson, David Carson Designs, Fred Graver, VH-1, David Jensen,
Razorfish, Barbara London, Museum of Modern Art, Caryn Mandabach of
Oxygen Media, Ron Simon, Museum of Television and Radio, and artists
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

Revisioning Television is a project of Eyebeam Atelier and the Center
for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) at the University of
California, San Diego. Eyebeam Atelier is a New York-based
not-for-profit arts organization working to increase public
understanding about digital culture and emerging technologies. CRCA?s
mission is to foster advanced research and production at the crossroads
between digital technology and new art forms.


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