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Syndicate: electrofringe oct5-9 ncle,oz 1/2

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:48:20 +1000
From: Sean Healy <>
Subject: electrofringe oct5-9 ncle,oz.

Electrofringe 2000 - Panels / Forums / Workshops / Demonstrations /

electrofringe is an annual festival of digital, hybrid, electronic and new
media arts, that is now in its third year, in sunny  downtown newcastle,
australia. We've included the program below for people that might be
interested. If you're in
Australia check the site for transport/accom info, and if overseas, check
the site 4 the latest program, audiovisual streams and daily updates and
session reviews,

official blurby:

electrofringe aims to provide pathways into new media, through critical
forums exploring major issues, professional demonstrations of new
technologies and a range of screenings and live events that showcase some of
the most exciting developments in screen culture both within Australia and
electrofringe is both by and for young and emerging new media artists. The
festival is coordinated by octapod and will be held in Newcastle Australia,
in conjunction with the National Young Writers Festival, the The National
Student Media Conference, the National Independent Electronic Labels
Conference and a national radio
conference. electrofringe will also be collaborating with Net.Congestion, an
International Streaming Media Conference held on the same weekend in

real blurby:
it's about bringing crazy people together !

Electrofringe is made possible by a large body of emailers around
australia, and represents the collective work of hundreds of people
within these electronic networks.

It's the diversity of participants and audience that makes for such an
electric atmosphere and provides a hotbed for cross fertilising of
ideas. Like the best agricultural shows....

love any feedback. >>>
sweltering by the pacific ocean,
jean poole 2000.

This Is 'This Is Not Art'
Day/Time:Thursday 10:00 AM Duration: 2:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave

Find out how you can add your own reviews, interviews, vox pops, photos
etc to TINA's very own indymedia style web site. Meet the electrometro
streaming crew and learn
how easy it is to publish now daze.
With Matthew Arnison, Nick Ritar and Sherry Mclean

VR - What is it good for?
Day/Time:Thursday 11:00 AM Duration: 1:0 Location: City Hall Newcastle
Will VR will prove to be humanities greatest invention since fire?
Miriam English don't think so, and amongst her long list of uses for VR,
she believes there is one that will
transform the way we see ourselves and how we see the world. It could
help heal the planet and allow humans to finally outgrow their petulant
childhood, blossoming into
mature citizens of the universe. What is it? Attend and find out.
With Miriam English

Video & Audio live mixing using Midi
Day/Time:Thursday 1:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
How visuals and sound can be coordinated in a live context using Midi
software and devices. The principle software presented will be MidiVid
which enables the triggering of
Video + effects using Midi controllers. We'll look at sending Midi
signals between software apps + hardware controllers sitting on two
different computers. Also covered will be
MidiOx (general purpose Midi utility) and MidiJoy (how to use a joystick
as a Midi controller).
With Chris Lange, Etienne Deleflie, Justin Maynard and Katherine Gadd

Non-linear Video for Information and Communication
Day/Time:Thursday 2:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
"The boom in digital technologies has profoundly shaken the procedures
of recording, editing and broadcasting. Artists are able to proceed with
styles of visual exploration never possible until now. The range of
expression has been considerably enriched.." Quote: CICV, Centre for Art
and Creation with an International Vocation, Pierre Schaeffer A 30
minute discussion about editing video in real-time for the purposes of
documentation, and the broadcasting of events on location and via the
internet.Focussing on the technology of real-time, non-linear video
editing, rather than technology for streaming video via the net. The
outcome of combining the methods of real-time editing and online
streaming will be discussed.
With Kim Bounds

Animation: Comics and Mixed Media
Day/Time:Thursday 3:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Scanning of toys and more mayhem as we animate real life objects
digitally. With Van Sowerwine.
With Van Sowerwine

Electronic Collectives
Day/Time:Thursday 3:00 PM Duration: 1:15 Location: City Hall Newcastle
Lessons Learned from pooling resources. Come and chat with members of
the Project Room (Syd), Octapod (ncle - u knew that didn't u?), & Toy
Satellite (Melb). Mapping histories / exploring potentials.
With Andrew Garton and Cindi Drennan

Grant writing
Day/Time:Thursday 3:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: Wheeler Place Tent # 2

How to get money. Who has it, and how to charm their pants off (well,
write a good application).
With Campion Decent and Kath Fielden

Collaboration in Video Production
Day/Time:Thursday 4:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Musicians, video makers/performers, lighting, decorators, dancers....
who usually perform independently... How can we bring together the
different disciplines and what happens when they work together in
synchronised multimedia / audiovisual performance. What's involved,
whether it's just jamming live, or hooking up in a larger multimedia
With Cindi Drennan, Helen Clemens, Kirsten Bradley and Nick Deacon

How to Multimedia Enhance Yr Music CDs
Day/Time:Thursday 5:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Why you would want to and what sort of stuff you can do. Megabyte
considerations, user limitations, how to add video to cd's, putting
video to computer, programs for editing compression, how to add
animations to
cd, what programs to use, burning cds, production, technical stuff and
With Tara Pattenden

Programming Sound for Computers
Day/Time:Thursday 6:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: City Hall Newcastle
Overview of tools and techniques available - by Ross Bencina, creator of
With Ross Bencina

Scanner & Kodwo Eshun Q&A (co-presented by NIELC & Electrofringe)
Day/Time:Thursday 6:00 PM Duration: 1:30 Location: City Hall Hunter Room

Come and meet Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner and acclaimed music and culture
writer/critic Kodwo Eshun. Ask them the questions you want to know the
answers to about culture, electronic music, multimedia,
surveillance technology and the illusion of privacy, science fiction in
music, writing about music, and art.. . . . Bring your beverages.
With Kodwo Eshun and Robin Rimbaud (scanner)

Video Performance Style Showcase
Day/Time:Thursday 6:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Video artists might be using the same tools but the output is as
individual as the artist! We screen 5-10 minute segments of many
different video artists' demo tapes, with commentary by the artists
about their work,
aims and style. Where available, material will be collated and
distributed to participants and contributors.
With Cindi Drennan, John Power and Kim Bounds

Day/Time:Thursday 7:00 PM Duration: 1:15 Location: Shop Front
Performance Space
A film screening presented by the Post Hoc Performing Words Company.
With Post Hoc

ShootOut - Local U/18 screenings
Day/Time:Thursday 7:30 PM Duration: 3:0 Location: Palais Royale, Hunter
St Main Room
Watch all of your friends wander around Newcastle during the Shootout 24
hour Film Festival. Only 20 or so of the 180 entries were screened, so
here's your chance to see the masterpieces that didn't make the final
cut. At the PALAIS.

Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America
Day/Time:Thursday 8:00 PM Duration: 1:15 Location: City Hall Hunter Room

99 conspiracy theories covering the big bang to the end of the world and
everything in between, spliced together in trademark collage style by
Craig Baldwin.

Cold Cut chat from the Space Lab (UK)
Day/Time:Thursday 9:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
World renowned electronic visual/audio pioneers Coldcut will be
answering questions about their own indepedent label, Ninjatune. They
will also be discussing the future trends of music regarding new and
technologies during a 1 hour interview streamed over the net.
With Matt Black and Peter Ninja

Burning Man 2000 - experimental community
Day/Time:Friday 11:00 AM Duration: 2:0 Location: City Hall Newcastle
The Burning Man festival is a temporary city constructed in the middle
of an open plain. Fresh stories of how an alternative community can be
created out of nothing, flourish in outrageous freedom, and then leave
trace of its existence.
With Cindi Drennan and Justin Maynard

Open Publishing & Sharing Stories Offline
Day/Time:Friday 11:00 AM Duration: 1:0 Location: Nesca House first floor
- Tutorial Room 1
Open publishing lets people tell their own stories...but can we survive
life without an editor? What if the audience is the fact-checking
department? How do we foster flame-free discussion, and avoid excluding
who are offline?
With Colene Woods

Online Comics
Day/Time:Friday 11:00 AM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Anton Emdin shares his knowledge on making your comics work online.
With Anton Emdin

International activist organising
Day/Time:Friday 12:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: Festival Club
Global motivation v.s global organisation. Is the internet really a
democratising force? Includes a brief history of the indymedia movement:
live TV, virtual conferences, webcasts from the footpath.
With Colene Woods and Matthew Arnison

The Configurable City
Day/Time:Friday 1:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: Nesca House first floor
- Tutorial Room 1
Developments in wearable computers and the miniturisation of components
so they can be embedded into buildings and clothes have resulted in the
need for a new type of media aesthetic. What are the social and
political implications for a street culture based on wireless ongoing,
dynamic and fluid communications? Will wearable computers and the
ubiquity of wireless and untethered digital media result in new types of
new types of media and new types of social relations? Or will the old
structures remain in place and be unaffected by the fact that people no
longer have to be anywhere specific to share, make and engage with audio

visual material and information? The Configurable City will examine the
implications of living with information as something overlayed onto our
everyday lives. It will discuss ways in which computers are affecting
behavior as a culture of people who inhabit cities, and need street
With david cox

The Internet and new forms of artistic expressions
Day/Time:Friday 1:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Is it missing the point to push high bandwidth multimedia content? What
new forms of artistic expression are emerging which do not have
equivalents in the offline world?
With Etienne Deleflie, Katherine Gadd and Matthew Arnison

Social aspects of multi-user virtual worlds
Day/Time:Friday 1:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: City Hall Newcastle Room

People have been socialising in virtual worlds now for more than half a
decade. Are there any conclusions to be drawn from how people interact
in virtual spaces? In VR your physical appearance doesn't matter, you
adopt the persona you wish for, and interact with people from allover
the world who might share your particular passion. What new and peculiar
social problems and benefits emerge in this terrain?
With Miriam English

Video on Disc Workshop
Day/Time:Friday 2:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Discs have the advantage of being lighter than videotape and offer
random access. A technical session on how to get your video onto VCD,
SVCD or DVD, with an analysis of the pitfalls and problems of tape vs
With Justin Maynard and Nick Ritar

The TV game
Day/Time:Friday 2:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: Wheeler Place Tent # 1
How do you access a soapie bible? What situations are fit for comedies?
How can we bring Harold back from the dead without losing respect? How
do I get a job writing for TV?
With Mardi McConnochie, Meaghan Smith, Sophie Black and Yasmin Boland

Day/Time:Friday 2:00 PM Duration: 1:15 Location: Wheeler Place Tent # 2
Intersections between visual aesthetics and communication. It's more
than just an issue of font.
With Lou Smith, Pip Shea, Samantha Arnull and Simon Sellars

This Playful World: - How Technology is Transforming our Imagination.
Day/Time:Friday 3:00 PM Duration: 1:15 Location: City Hall Newcastle
Mark Pesce, provocative cybercritic and co-founder of vrml
(virtualreality mark-up language), talks about the themes of his latest
book live from Los Angeles: This Playful World: - How Technology is
Transforming our
With Mark Pesce

Trans-Space: Art and The Activist City
Day/Time:Friday 3:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: Nesca House first floor
- Tutorial Room 1
What would a city be like or how would a city be designed if it were to
be built by activists, the powerless, the unemployed, the
disenfranchised, the artists? This interactive workshop will attempt to
visualise and
construct an identity for an activist city.
With molly hankwitz

The Glass Bell
Day/Time:Friday 3:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
The Glass Bell is an audio driven installation using a large scale
waterscreen which responds to hand gestures on the screen surface to
determine the way sounds and images behave. A fictional poetic
construct, it
explores the role of stories as placeholders for the unutterable, for
what falls between languages and places when we leave.
With Ryan Sabir and Sophea Lerner

Legal & Financial I - Contracts, Sampling, Copyright
Day/Time:Friday 3:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: City Hall Banquet Hall
The session will begin with a look at contracts and what to be aware of
when signing on the dotted line or getting artists to do the same. It
will then move to the legal issues around sampling and examine the
loopholes independents need to be able to exploit. --- LONG VERSION
ADDITION TO START --- Sylvia Raptis, a young arts law specialist and
music protagonist, will guide the audience through a long but rewarding
at many legal issues facing labels and artists.
With Marcus Fowler (ArtsLaw), Susan King and Paul and Sylvia Raptis

Automating your website
Day/Time:Friday 4:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
You can make your site much more interactive by automating it. We go
over some of the tools involved, including the need for software
programming, scripting languages (e.g perl, php), and databases (SQL).
Run by
Sydney's infamous CAT geeks.
With Andy Nicholson and Matthew Arnison

MP3 & Sampling Debate
Day/Time:Friday 5:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: City Hall Banquet Hall
This debate will present the multiple sides of the MP3 debate and cover
copyright and sampling. What is legal? What should be legal? --- LONG
VERSION ADDITION --- Anti-copyright activist John Jacobs will present a
case against copyright which will be challenged by APRA alongside Susan
King (Anteduiluvian Rocking Horse) who addressed the 8th Biennial
Australian Copyright Council Symposium in 1998 on the subject of
and art, in particular relation to music, and remains an active advocate
of copyright law reform. Scanner will offer his perspective as an
internationally renowned artist whose methods rely on the breach of
privacy and
unauthorised sampling. Gordon Finlayson from Clan Analogue will examine
the issues from the persepctive of a local independent.
With Jeffrey Bartolomei (APRA), John Jacobs, Marcus Fowler (ArtsLaw),
Susan King and Paul and Sylvia Raptis

Scripting Overview & how it relates to Web Publishing
Day/Time:Friday 5:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Is Java your cuppa tea? What about cgi, perl etc ? Learn how to make
rollovers with code, and get an introduction into principles behind
scripting for the web, from Phil Reakes of Shaft's Big Score zine.
With Phil Reakes & Automated Publishing Online
Day/Time:Friday 5:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: City Hall Newcastle Room

Colene Woods will discuss and explore their
automated publishing system and its implications for independent
With Colene Woods

Day/Time:Friday 6:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: Wheeler Place Tent # 1
Hacktivism - the merging of hacking and activism. Although not active
subscribers to the theory of it, 2600 Australia will discuss the notion
of hacktivism and the place it may have in the future.
With 2600 Australia & Wiretapped

Video Performance: Content vs Clipart
Day/Time:Friday 6:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
A look at how material can be produced for a live video performance,
through content creation, sampling, or through generation of material
during the event itself, We explore the issues of creating original
material vs
sampling and issues of copyright, and how the choice of source material
affects the VJ style.
With Cindi Drennan, Grant Muir, John Power and Justin Maynard

Day/Time:Friday 6:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: Festival Club Downstairs

Discussing ethics, aesthetics, techniques and subtleties of the remix.
With Brendan Palmer, Kodwo Eshun and Robin Rimbaud (scanner)

Context driven, generative instruments for glass screens
Day/Time:Friday 7:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
Screen based instruments for both desktops and PDAs are exploring
different ways of creating sound and music. Is it composition or sound
design? A look at what's driving Toy Satellite's dark ambient sound
Tat Fat Size Temple, and the beat synth, Freedrum.
With Andrew Garton and Andrew Sargeant

Sonic Outlaws
Day/Time:Friday 8:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: City Hall Hunter Room
Sonic Outlaws is a fragmented, gleefully anarchic documentary by Craig
Baldwin, which covers the legal nightmare that ensued from Negativland's
highly publicized legal case with U2 over copyright infringement.
a masterful example of the Cut N paste aestethic, this film playfully
explores current copyright issues with a wide range of provocative

Sampling & Surveillance Technology
Day/Time:Friday 8:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
A technical workshop / Q& A session all about sampling, surveillance
technology, and the joys of using them together.
With Robin Rimbaud (scanner)

Regenerative Generative
Day/Time:Friday 9:00 PM Duration: 1:0 Location: TPI House The Batcave
A performance featuring Generative psychedelic
(re)constructions(real-time interactive sound and image)and translations
of sound into visual responses. The culmination of a series of
interactive and generative
compositions explored over the past two decades by two
composer/performers and a special effects artist.
With Andrew Garton, John Power and Ollie Olsen

Original Schtick
Day/Time:Friday 9:00 PM Duration: 2:0 Location: City Hall Banquet Hall
Screening and talk by the director.
With Maciek Wszelaki

Better Living Through Circuitry
Day/Time:Friday 9:15 PM Duration: 1:50 Location: Kensington Theatre
Kensington Theatre, Hunter St.
Insightful and entertaining, this film presents a dynamic view of rave
culture and empowerment through technology, the DIY ethic, and the
flowering of a new spirituality which embraces transcendence through
and rhythm. In-depth interviews document such diverse personalities as
NY deconstructionist philosopher-cum-electronic mixmaster DJ Spooky,
hedonistic streetsmart "Superstar" DJ Keoki, the Vegas-reared Big Beat
sonic wizards The Crystal Method, England's prophet of drum-and-bass
Roni Size, and the ethereal desert tribalism of the Electric Skychurch.
With Robin MacPherson

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