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Syndicate: Join EuroVision2000- Brussels, 22.-23.9.2000


Eurovision2000 is an independent project of thematic events, communication and exchange, initiated by the Zurich based artists Peter Spillmann (Prague program), Susanna Perin (Bologna program), Marion v. Osten (Brussels program). The aim of EuroVision2000 is a critical examination of current forms of exclusion processes, related to the formulation of (supra)national or EUropean identities, before the background of capital globalization processes. EuroVision2000 established an independent and critical videoprogram, as well as presentations and panel discussions in Prague, Bologna and Brussels. The life events on the issues of migration and labour in Brussels from 22nd to 24th of September were organized in strong collaboration with the bordercartograph project/Marion Baruch (Paris), R.R.I.O. Sans Papiers Office, (Antwerp) and PTTL/Axel Claes, Tristan Wibault (Brussel). 

Friday 22nd, < Papers For Everybody!> 
centrum Brussel 2000, Schildnaapstraat 50, Brussel 1000

whole day EuroVision2000 Videoprogram in the Café9 mediaspace:  "Beyond the fencing", italian with english subtitels, Susanna Perin, Zurich/Rome / TV footage, dutch/french, R.R.I.O., Antwerp/ "südreise_nordreise", english/french subtitles, Marion v. Osten, Berlin /sans papiers in belgium (rough cut), /"La Ballade de Sans Papiers", french with english subtitles, Samir Abdhalla, Paris/ "And This Wind Hurts" italian with english subtitels, DocVideo, Turin 

18.00 h: café9 mediaspace: <bordercartograph intervention> "Micro-event n°10", 2000 Internetperformance by Tsuneko Taniuchi from Berlin to Brussels and "slogans of the sans-papiers", in deaf-and-dumb language, by Name Diffusion 

19.O0 h / entrance hall 
        "bordercartograph/sortie du net2"
to whom it may concern - à qui de droit 

<Equalize - Regularize -North-South Relationship> 
The topic of sans-papiers is a constant on the list of discussion. Within the framework of Eurovision2000 the sans-papiers themselves together with researchers in law, in sociology, in economy - Belgians and French, and with a varied public will discuss their effective situation in Belgium and France. By strange coincidence, the date of the debate, september 22, 2000, corresponds to the anniversary of Sémira Adamu's tragical death.  

Léa Lothy 
(RRIO, Anvers, conseil pour la Régularisation, l?Intégration et le Développement, créé par des sans-papiers)
Moussa Sylla 
(porte-parole du collectif des sans-papiers de la Maison des Ensembles, Paris)
Didier Vanderslycke 
(Steunpunt Mensen zonder Papieren, PICUM)
Benoît Eugène 
(association'la clef des champs' Bruxelles)
Yann Moulier Boutang 
(directeur de la Revue Multitudes, Professeur à l?Université de Bretagne de Sud à Vannes et à l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. Il est chercheur au Matisse-Isys, Université de Paris I)
Daniel Liedman 
(Collectif de résistance aux centres fermés et aux expulsions)

Saturday, 23rd, <no - neoliberalism>
centrum Brussel 2000, Schildnaapstraat 50, Brussel 1000

whole day EuroVision Videoprogram in the Café9 mediaspace: "La_alma",  english, by Lisa Moren/ "Fashion is work", english, Gülsün Karamustafa/Peter Spillmann/Marion von Osten, Zurich/Istanbul /"Breaking the bank", english, Paper Tiger TV, New York/ "absolute talking business", english,  Peter Spillmann, Zurich/ "The global 5000", english/german, OliverRessler, Vienna/"RTMark. Promotion Video", english, RTmark 

14-18h <Hegemony of labour-the end of activity>
!!! Bureau de Pointage, Saint-Josse,  23 rue du Méridien 1210 Bruxelles

The people who will take part to this (informal) discussion are involved on a daily practical level in the organisation of labour. In a certain sense they are contributing to the enlargment of the -contemporary- definition of work (union-man, lawyers, unemployment administration staff members) at one hand, and others (media-activists, sociologists, social geographers) who took this issue as an object of rechearch and study. This brings us close to a mapping of the historical perspectives, digging the margins of alternative social  and cultural practices, and to a re-definition of notions such as value and income. Or, to say in other words: each of us still disposes about enough autonomy to create an occupational sphere for our-selves without obligated rescourse to moneytarised repesentation. Trough this debate we'll aim to trace closely the recent developping evolutions. A paper publication including discussions with unemployed from north and south, retired persons, refugees, police, will follow.

Yasmine Kherbache (juriste en droit social ),
Laurette Muylaert (syndicaliste, responsable culture ACOD),
Elisabeth Stiefel/Marion von Osten (économiste / artiste),
Albert Martens (sociologue), 
Pascal Tourlouse (direction de l'ONEM Bruxelles), 
Fred Guldentops (géographe social),
Cécile Hubert (coordinatrice Mission Locale, Saint-Josse)
Eleonor Bonaccini, Andreas Fohr, Xavier Fourt (Syndicat Potentiel Paris-Strasbourg)
        Axel Claes /Tristan Wibault (artiste, PTTL, Brussels)

19.00 vidéoconférence centre Bruxelles 2000, 50 rue de l'Ecuyer, 1000 Bruxelles 


The list of discussion" bordercartograph " in "egroups" is part of Name Diffusion's artistic project  " unplaced cartographers " since February2000,  about real and virtual borders : <> the moderator of the group felt the need to exceed the limits of virtual discourse and face all together existing realities,  aiming to open up and to intensify new contacts and interconnections.  These requirements inspired the realization of the "beyond the net 1"  in Aubervilliers-Paris,  July 7th,  2000. The topic, Globalisation and new technologies in Africa,  has been introduced into the list of discussion, by an economist  from Niger. (see report on the website) The first concrete result of the debate :  a network of relations has been actively set up around the associative project of rural development of a sans-papiers from Kedougou,  Senegal, who has worked on it since 14 years,  since 8 years in Paris. See on the website : The  "dream" of BA Hamady Oumar 

The sans-papiers office
R.R.I.O. vzw
The non-profit association ëvzw R.R.I.O.í (Council for Regularisation, Integration and Development) is an organisation by people without papers themselves. Although Belgium always had a harsh asylum policy, it was made still more severe in 1997 by the >law Vandelanotteí<. At that occasion people without papers have started to organise themselves autonomously. This process of becoming conscious has incited thousands of men, women and children, who have been living in Belgium for years, to demand an existence with dignity here.
The harsh asylum policy led to the tragic death of Semira Adamu in September 1998. Moreover, she wasnít the only one by far who lost her life.To avoid still more victims and to alert public opinion, it became necessary to take radical action. So people without papers occupied public buildings all over Belgium. First churches, later also schools, youth centres, labour union buildings and neighbourhood centres.
These actions acquired a broader and broader base of support in society: a wave of solidarity was their logical consequence. The need for a structured organisation was keenly felt, also after these actions, among other things to be able to defend the interests of the people without papers, to represent them as an official interlocutor, to build a centre of information, and above all to be able to function without outside pressure and influence.
This independence is of crucial importance: f.ex. the campaign of regularisation as organised by the government after consultation with the established organisations and without hearing the people concerned, offers no answer to the demands of the people without papers. Our demand remains the regularisation of all people without papers living in Belgium.

On March 16th, 2000, R.R.I.O. has been officially registered as a non-profit association (vereniging zonder winstoogmerk - vzw). As follows from its name, R.R.I.O. works mainly toward three objectives: regularisation, integration and development, in the broadest interpretation of these terms.

In pursuit of these aims, we undertake a broad spectrum of  activities: language holidays for children, collaboration with community workers and others, follow up on individual cases, study sessions, education and awareness building, work toward policy makers,...
All this is made possible by the input of volunteers and by donations of sympathisers.
Your support too is more than welcome. 

RRIO vzw

sans-papiers office
R.R.I.O. vzw
Lange Scholierstraat 94
2060 Antwerpen
tel. 03/271.18.88
fax. 03/633.38.59


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