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Syndicate: Videotage Newsletter

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 16:56:29 +0800
Subject: Videotage Newsletter
From: c0018683 <>

Videotage Newsletter (Sept, 00)

1. Presentation on Japan media art development

If you want to see more on the Japanese animation, video art, interactive
art and their education models, on 23 & 30 September, 2:30pm, at the HK
Visual Art Centre (inside Hong Kong Park), Ellen Pau, Jamsen Law and Yvonne
Lo will present the recent art projects such as Akihabara TV project, the
institutes we visited during the Japan Media Art Exchange Project in June
this year, including the famous CG/animation training school Digital
Hollywood, the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences in Ogaki and
their Biennale international interactive art exhibition "THE INTERACTION",
and InterMediumInstitute in Osaka. Also the famous interactive installation
inside the NTT InterCommunication Center. Free Admission.

2. Participation in overseas events

- "Video Art BUREIKOUNISURU 2000", Tokyo, Japan.

"BUREIKOUNISURU" is an annual international video screening event organized
by SCAN VIDEO PROJECT since 1997. SVP is a group of video artists who create
their works independently in Tokyo. (We met some in June during the Japan
Media Art Exchange Project, they are young and energetic artists.) This year
their program works dealing with "TEXT", "CONCEPT", "CULTURE", "IRONY",
"HISTORY", "NOSTALGY", and "ABSTRUCTNESS". Two local works are selected.
They are Fan Yuk Man's "Born in HK Technics 2000" and Ernest Fung Wai's
"Alice In Hong Kong". The show will be held on Oct. 29th., at 28'GINZA
(nipper's Ginza) that is owned by Victor JAPAN Inc. The address is 1-7-1
Shin-basi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.


- "CHROMA: The Audiovisual Art Universe", Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

This is our first time to say hello to the Mexican audience. This video art
festival will be held from 12 to 18 November. In the selected videos of
<Imagetripping - Selection of Hong Kong video art>, you will find Hong Kong
owns scenery and rhythm with a sense of nagging anxiety and a mixture of
Chinese and Western culture.
- Fan Yuk Man, Born in HK Technics 2000 (4 mins 53 sec.; DV; 2000)
- Hung Keung, Transmigration(version II) (approx.9 mins; Beta; 1998)
- Ernest Fung Wai, Alice In Hong Kong (5 mins; DV;1997)
- Ellen Pau, Recycling Cinema (12 mins 28 sec; DV; 1999)
- Mathias Woo, A Very Good City (15 mins.excerpt; DV; 1998)
- Jamsen Law, Getting Used to Run (9 mins; DV; 1997)


- "Presence and Place", MAAP Festival, Brisbane, Australia.

The third time we participate the Media Art Asia Pacific Festival. An
alternative screen culture to enjoy during the Olympics. An hour of Hong
Kong video program on 16th at their new Brisbane Powerhouse screening Fan
Yuk Man's Born in HK Technics 2000, Hung Keung's Transmigration(version
II ), Ernest Fung Wai's Silver City, Agnes Lam's Untitle, Mathias Woo's A
Very Good City and Jamsen Law's Matching Four With Twelve: Digesting
Patience. Hung Keung and Fion Ng will also present at the online forum on
17th September with the artists from Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, Melbourne,
Taipei, Beijing and Geert Lovink, Molly Hankwitz in Brisbane.


3. Don't miss the No One's Driving, it's going to say goodbyeS

The ADC sponsored TV program in the Movie II Channel of Cable TV is going to
be finished. It's a 15 minute program promoting local independent films and
videos. If you haven't seen before, don't miss every Saturday night 1030pm.
The coming one is the episode 8 "Square".

4. Opportunites

- From RHIZOME DIGEST: is currently seeking both onsite interns (meaning you work with
us in our loft in SoHo in New York City) and virtual interns (meaning you do
your work online from wherever you live) for Fall 2000.

Internships are available in the following areas: Editorial, ArtBase,
Communications, Development and Web Production.  We require interns to work
a minimum of ten hours per week. Modest stipends are available for
some internships.

We are looking for students from all levels (high school, undergraduate and
graduate) who are self-motivated, mature, detail-oriented, organized and
driven by a sincere interest in the intersection of contemporary art and
emerging technologies.

We strive to foster a friendly, supportive and informal work environment and
to create a positive learning experience for our interns.  If you are
interested in applying for an internship with us, please send a
cover letter and resume in the body of an email message to me at

5. Congratulations!

Brian Chung & Phil Shek's CD ROM "Poor Tech"(Y2K and the Millennium
Butterflies, Over the Top) and Hung Keung's CD ROM "Human Body & Moving
Images" are selected by the World Wide Video Festival 2000
14 September - 15 October
Opening Friday 15 September, 5.00 - 7.00 p.m.

Temp. office: Rm.309R, 5/F.,737, Lai Chi Kok Rd., Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon,
Hong Kong.
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 24496, Aberdeen Post Office, Hong Kong.
Tel: 852-25731869
Fax: 852-25035978

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