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Syndicate: Re: City of Women 2000

CITY OF WOMEN - 6th International Festival of Contemporary Arts,
Ljubljana, Oct 4 - 14, 2000.


20.00 - Manja Zore (Slovenia, USA) - Opening of the Photo exhibition
Sense (Small Gallery, Cankarjev dom),(open till 22.10.) 
21.00 - Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico (Greece), Songs of 
the Mediterranean - concert, (Linhartova, Cankarjev Dom) 


18.00 - Lesbian ConneXion/s - opening of the International
photo-exhibition - (Entrance hall, Cankarjev dom) 
20.00 - Helena Klakocar (Croatia, Netherlands) - opening of Comics exhibition
Passages, (Mednarodni graficni likovni center - MGLC) 
21.00 - Shelley Hirsch (USA), O, little Town of East New York, multimedia 
concert (Kosovelova, Cankarjev Dom) 

FRIDAY, 6.10.

17.00 -  Helena Klakocar - talk and guided tour through the exhibition
19.00 - Dubravka »Duba« Sambolec - Opening of the video
installation NoHome Videosc, on different locations in the Ljubljana
city centre (beginning at Cankarjev dom) 
22.00 - Vagina Monologues - the play of the famous American writer Eve Ensler,
read by Elina Löwensohn, (charity performance) - Slovenska kinoteka 


10.00 - 12.00 - Comics workshop directed by Helene Klakocar (for women
I.), MGLC 
14.00 -  Film and video marathon of Slovene female directors
- documentaries, shorts, animation, video-art and TV drama (Slovenska
20.00 - Marie Thérese Escribano - (Spain, Austria) - The 'Twenties in Austria,
or Away with Corsets' - music, cabaret, (Club Cankarjev dom) 

SUNDAY, 8.10.

10.00 - 13.00 - Comics workshop for children (8-12), MGLC
20.00 - Miranda July (ZDA) presentation of the video project Big Miss
Moviola, (Slovenska kinoteka - programme Retrovizor)

MONDAY, 9.10.

10.00 - 12.00 - Comics workshop (for women II), MGLC      
17.00 - Maggie Humm (Great Britain) - Virginia Woolf's Family Pictures
 - lecture (lecture room E 8/9, Cankarjev dom) 
20.00 - Vera Mantero (Portugal), three dance Solos, 
(Slovensko Mladinsko Gledalisce, lower Hall) 

TUESDAY, 10.10.

20.00 -  Les Reines Prochaines (Switzerland) - music performance Here
Comes The Mammoth, (KUD France Preseren) 


20.00 - Suzana Koncut (Slovenija), dance premiere Prostornina koze,
(Mestno gledalisce ljubljansko, Mala scena) 
21.00 - Sidebar: Louise Brooks programme: silent film Tagebuch einer Verlorener,
silent film with live music accompaniment: Marco Dalpane and Raniero Gaspari, 
Kino uho, (Slovenska kinoteka)

THURSDAY, 12.10.

from 12th till 24th of October - Presentation of the Comics workshop
results (Galerija Faronika by Mestna knjiznica Otona Zupancica) 
15.00 - Phenomenology of the Female Spirit: Simone de Beauvoir's The Second
Sex, lecture in collaboration with Delta Magazine, (Lecture room E8/9,
Cankarjev Dom)
19.00 - Sidebar: Louise Brooks programme: silent film Die Büchse der Pandora, 
music accompaniment: Marco Dalpane and Ugo Mantiglia, Kino uho, 
(Slovenska kinoteka)
 22.00 -  Hoahio (Japan), avant pop concert, (Stihova, Cankarjev dom)

FRIDAY, 13.10.

19.00 - Sidebar: Louise Brooks programme: silent film Prix de Beauté,
music accompaniment: Marco Dalpane and Ugo Mantiglia, Kino uho,
Slovenska kinoteka 
21.00 - Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Ugo Dehaes (Belgium), dance solo and duet,
(Plesni Teater Ljubljana)
23.00 - DJ WenKar (Belgium), closing dance party, (Menza pri koritu & Klub
Gromki, Metelkova Mesto)

You can buy tickets for the film and video programme and for the
public reading of The Vagina Monologues at the Slovenska Kinoteka
box-office (Miklosiceva 28, Ljubljana) Ticket for all other events can
be obtained at the Cankarjev dom box-office (Presernova 10, Ljubljana,
open daily from 10. till 14. and from 16.30 till 20. On Saturday from
10. till 14. There are student concessions for most events.

Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture - 
City of Women, Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel: +386.1.438.15.80  fax: +386.1.438.15.85 
home page:

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