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Syndicate: Fw :Microcinema, Inc. and GreenDogFilms to Partner

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 11:28:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joel S Bachar <>
Subject: Microcinema, Inc. and GreenDogFilms to Partner

For Immediate Release

Microcinema, Inc.
Joel S. Bachar

Jason Gurvitz

Microcinema, Inc. and GreenDogFilms Form Strategic Alliance to Showcase
International Short Films Worldwide

SEATTLE/LOS ANGELES - July 24, 2000 - Microcinema, Inc., leaders in the
online and offline distribution, exhibition and promotion of the Microcinema
Movement and GreenDogFilms, the leading Internet destination for
high-quality, multilingual independent short films, announced today that the
companies have formed a strategic alliance to bring international shorts and
features to Internet and offline audiences around the globe. Under the
agreement, GreenDogFilms will provide Microcinema access to its extensive
library of high-quality multilingual foreign and independent short and
feature films. Microcinema, Inc. will begin distributing the films to the
offline network of microcinema venues and festivals in 20 U.S. states and 20
countries, including the U.K., France, Serbia, Estonia, Spain, Czech
Republic, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,
Colombia, Mexico and Canada. The companies will also exhibit and
cross-promote each other's film content on their respective Internet sites
at and
 "GreenDogFilms' devotion to multilingual films and their established
presence in Spanish and Portuguese language speaking countries are perfect
complements to our mission to become the leading global online and offline
microcinema distribution network for the international filmmaker," said Joel
S. Bachar, president and co-founder of Microcinema, Inc. "We're extremely
excited about this partnership with Microcinema," said Jason Gurvitz,
founder and CEO of GreenDogFilms." This company shares our core vision of
creating greater exposure and revenue for international filmmakers and their
work.  By showcasing our library of high-quality international films through
Microcinema's online and offline network, we will be reaching audiences on a
global scale, from Seattle to Singapore." The companies also plan to pursue
other joint projects, such as co-productions of original content for the
broadband and traditional entertainment markets, and co-sponsored film
festivals and microcinema screenings. Microcinema, Inc. and GreenDogFilms
will appear together at the upcoming Guanajuato Film Festival in Guanajuato,
Mexico, participating in a panel discussing opportunities for filmmakers on
the Internet. The first collaborative screening of the
Microcinema/GreenDogFilms library will be the CRASH Festival in Toluca,
Cuernavaca and Mexico City, Mexico.

About Microcinema, Inc. Microcinema, Inc. serves the international film,
video, and digital communities and its audiences by leading the Microcinema
Movement.  Microcinema, Inc. promotes artists and their works through its
international online and offline exhibition and distribution network., its foreign sister sites, and syndicated sites form the
leading Internet micro-portal Network serving the worldwide industry of
independent Microcinema artists, producers, promoters, exhibitors,
distributors and consumers.  Additionally, Microcinema, Inc. holds the
distribution rights to hundreds of short films, videos and digital works
that they distribute to traditional outlets and over the Internet via their
website.  Microcinema, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle and has offices in
London. More information about Microcinema can be found on the Internet at:

About GreenDogFilms GreenDogFilms, a subsidiary of Green Dog Entertainment,
Inc., is the Internet's leading destination for high-quality, multilingual
independent short films. A fierce supporter of independent filmmakers and
animators, Los Angeles-based GreenDogFilms provides its artists with a
global presence by distributing their work to other major Internet sites,
theaters, television and cable networks, airlines and home entertainment
companies. Its award-winning content includes short and feature films,
animation, documentaries, music videos and interviews with film
personalities. An independent company founded in March 2000, GreenDogFilms
has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Madrid. More information about
GreenDogFilms can be found on the Internet at


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