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Syndicate: Fw: ISEA press release

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 15:02:53 +0100
Subject: ISEA press release
From: "isea2000" <>


10th International Symposium on Electronic Art
December 2000

After Helsinki, Rotterdam, Chicago, and Liverpool, the tenth edition of the
International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) will be held in France in
December of 2000, uniting participants from over 30 countries.

Under the theme of R=E9v=E9lation, ISEA2000 will explore the effects of the
technological revolution on art and its impact on society through new forms
of representation, such digital imaging, multimedia, the virtual,
interactive installations and networks.

ISEA 2000 will focus on the transformations and the challenges that exist i=
the visual arts, the performing arts, music, imaging, architecture and
design, while highlighting how these new tools generate artistic expression
intrinsic to digital culture.

ISEA2000 includes:

>An International Symposium at the Forum des Images from December 7th to th=
10th which will bring together over 2000 artists, educators, researchers an=
industry experts.

>A series of artistic events organised by various groups in and around Pari=
including : Batofar, Bibliotheque nationale de France, the Canadian Cultura=
Centre, Centre d'art d'Ivry, Centre Georges Pompidou, Centre National de la
Danse, CICV Pierre Schaeffer, Divan du Monde, Espace Landowski (Boulogne),
Institut Fran=E7ais d=B9Architecture (IFA), Institut Goethe, Institut
Finlandais, IRCAM, Project Caf=E9 MK2, Universit=E9 Paris 8-CIREN, Web Bar, les
Nuits Savoureuses (Belfort), Monaco Danse Forum, De Visu (Brest), Mix Move
(Paris), ACROE (Grenoble), Intersenses (Marseille)=8A

ISEA2000 is organised by ART3000 in collaboration with ISEA/Inter-Society
for the Electronic Arts, with the support and collaboration of the Minist=E8r=
de la Culture et de la Communication (DDAT, DAP, DAI, CNC, DMDTS, DRAC IDF)=
the Conseil R=E9gional IDF, and with the help of public and private partners
such as: Forum des images, Canal +, D=E9l=E9gation G=E9n=E9rale du Qu=E9bec...
ISEA2000 is sponsored by Paris 2000, la Mission pour la c=E9l=E9bration de l'An
2000 and the Council of Europe.

For more information : visit

Contact presse : Virginie Gallon
ART3000 - 156 avenue de Verdun, 92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux -T=E9l. : 01 46 48
66 36
Mail :

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