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Syndicate: -REMOTE TV-

From: Klaas Glenewinkel <>
Subject: Berlin interactive TV
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 20:40:50 +0200


since 10 weeks we are producing every night Kulturserver TV-Radio, an
interactive TV/web show in Berlin.


The show is broadcasted on the internet ( and on
Berlin Cable TV Network. It is an open access concept. Most of the shows
are produced by the Berlin based group twenfm(
Another regular show will produced by mikro ( and
Rolux (
It would like to invite you to do a remote show one time or regularly.

The technical side is very easy.

We simply feed a browser window directly on TV. The browser page has
different frames: chat, real video window and a window to show e.g. flash
animations, gifs, text. To do a remote show You would only have to give us
a stream-url and some  text which we insert. You just stream like you
usually do. If you need you can also stream via Kulturserver. You could
also design the screen completely by Yourself. I would give you the TV
resolution data and other information. 

It would be boring to play only tapes. Live is important and You should
also be available in the chat for discussions. The chat, which all TV
viewers can join, is usually very busy. 

You can see sample pages here:

Berlin Cable TV has 1.3 Mio households connected. The show is on every
night from 0:00am to 2:00am CET. It is an uncommercial project, no
advertisement allowed. If you are interested we would have to fix a date. 

Please let me know what you think, we could start right away.


Klaas Glenewinkel

10117 Berlin
Tel:+49-30-2809 5610
Fax:+49-30-2809 5611

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