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Syndicate: tune in for a s u p e r c h a n n e l broadcast this wed. 12th july

This Wednesday there will be a live internet broadcast from Coronation
Court tower block in Liverpool at 12.10 pm.

Coronation Court is the oldest tower block in Liverpool, the tenants are
currently running one of five Superchannels across Europe, producing and
participating in their own live internet broadcasts.

In conversation will be Maria Brewster, Collaboration Programme Manager at
FACT (the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and visitors from the
North West Arts Board Media Programme "Mission from Malaysia."

Participants include executives of private multi-media companies in
Malaysia,  developers of Arts in the education and health fields, and State
employees such as the Curator and Researcher of the National Arts Gallery
in Kuala Lumpur.

The conversation will cover new media and culture in Liverpool and Kuala
Lumpur, and will bring in discussion about ideas of community and
participation using new media as an access tool.

You will need to download the free Realplayer <> to watch
the broadcast and participate in the on-line chat.

To join the broadcast go to e:

Look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday!!!!!

Please email Sheindal Cohen <> if you wish to receive
regular bulletins about future Coronation Court broadcasts.

Iliyana Nedkova
Translocal Projects

Foundation for Art & Creative Technology
Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane
Liverpool L1 3BX, England

t. +44 (0) 151 709 2663
f. +44 (0) 151 707 2150
m. +44 (0) 772 006 1349

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