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Syndicate: Lenssen: News from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 14:23:49 +0200
Subject: News from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
From: Ute Lenssen <>

Dear friends,

we have been very busy organizing the upcoming Bauhaus Kolleg 2 "Event
City". For your information I am sending you the detailed program for the
1. Trimester with all the lecturers that we were able to win for our Event
City Kolleg:

Bauhaus Kolleg 2 Event City

1. September - 30. November 2000


Week 1 Sociology of the event society
4.- 8. September 2000
Cultural Theory of the Event City
Regina Bormann 4.9
Theme Parc City
John Hannighan 5.9.
Individualization and social integration in Postmodernism
Start of Movie series about Las Vegas, Disney and the Luna Park

Week 2 Cultural industry and urbanity
11.- 14. September 2000
World view Luna Park - modern venues of amusement and cultural modernity
Torsten Blume 11.9.
Illumination of the city - artificial urban worlds
Gerd Held 12.9.
Film and City A new way of seeing - spatial concepts of the classical
avantgarde Wolfgang Thöner 13.9.

14.-16. September Conference und Preisverleihung Bauhaus Award 

Week 3 Transformation of culture
18.- 22. September 2000
Construction of identity in the postindustrial society : heterogeneity,
translation and hybridity
David Morley 18.9.
Cultural theory of the performance
Rainer Winter 19.9.
Globalisation of culture
John Tomlinson 20.9.

Week 4 Social geography of the postindustrial space 
25.-29. September 2000
Consumption and pleasure - the social identity of the new middle class 
Derek Wynne 25.9.
The Disneyfication of the city
Frank Roost  27.9.


Week 5 Introduction in the project location
2.- 6. Oktober 2000
Heike Brückner/ Wilfried Hackenbroich
Lecture: divided  pleasure in the dual city
Neil Smith 2.10

Week 6    Excursions: 
Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Berlin  9.-13.10

Week 7     Interior urbanism, event space, und scape
16.- 21. Oktober 2000
Conceptual workshop about urban architecture: interior urbanism, event
space and scape
Wilfried Hackenbroich with Anna Klingmann

The workshop is accompanied by lectures and presentation of works:
The architect as Imagineer
Beth Dunlop 18.10.
spatial structures and design strategies of the theme park
Michael Graves (to be confirmed)

Week 7    Strategies of urban planning in the Event City
23.- 25. Oktober 2000
Workshop: planning culture and urban management in the Event City
Ilse Helbrecht
26.- 27. Oktober 2000
Typology of the Urban Entertainment Center
Heike Brückner / Wilfried Hackenbroich

Week 8  Architecture of the Event City
30.10.- 3.11.2000
Lecture : cultural studies of  the popular culture- subversive consumption 
John Fiske. 30.10 

Wilfried Hackenbroich

Week 9 Cartography of Urbanity
Workshop Tobias Walliser UN Studio Ben van Berkel 2. and 3. 11.
Workshop Knowbotic Research 6. 11

Week 10 Scenes of urban entertainment 
7.- 24. November 2000
Completion of the workshop results

Final presentation and colloquium: Mise en Scéne and Urbanity 
27.- 29. 11.2000


Applications for participation are still being accepted - please contact:

Ute Lenssen

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation 
Project Manager

Gropiusallee 38
06846 Dessau

Tel: ++49 (0)340-6508-402,
Fax: ++49 (0)340-6508-404

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