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Syndicate: VA(MEDIA.DOC)VA 2000

,HO Association For Contemporary Art
International  Art Forum for Video and New Media
October 11 - 22 2000 Sofia, Bulgaria

VA(MEDIA.DOC)VA  is  part of the extensive
international,long-term project for art and innovative
technologies, initiated by ,HO Association for
Contemporary Art, in October, 1999, with
VIDEOARCHAEOLOGY : The First International Video Art
Biennial. Its goals are: to bring together highly
experimental and innovative ideas, works and artists
devoted to video and new electronic technologies, and
to provoke discussion in order to reconsider and
further define current global and individual human
issues that are related to the technological and
economic globalization as it affects national, racial,
sexual, personal, and cultural identity.

The inaugural festival of VA (Videoarchaeology)  was
organized by ,HO Association for Contemporary Art in
collaboration with outstanding international media and
video art organizations and festivals, such as: FACT,
Liverpool/UK; VIA AudioVideoPhotoKunst, Basel,
Switzerland; VideoDataBank, Chicago, US;  WRO Media
Art Center, Wroclaw, Poland ; Videomedeja, Novi Sad,
Yugoslavia; Soros Center for  Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Heure Exquise, France. In its two-week screening and
exhibition program,VA showed a competitive selection
of more than 180 works,  with artists from 20
countries, including  also screenings of curatorial
packages,  and a theoretical forum.  The first
VA festival encouraged a rethinking of  the ideas of
dialogue among
diverse historical and cultural layers in our society.
The themes ranged from insights into each person's
unique,unshared self-perseptions to broader cultural,
geopolitical, and historical implications  of the
issue of self-identity at the end of the 20th c.

This year's  project VA(MEDIA.DOC)VA comes as a
follow-up of Videoarchaelogy, and will
pursue a more profound revisitation of the problematic
interaction between all these complex human
characteristics and the new technological network of
information, communication and artistic expression.
VA(MEDIA.DOC)VA is a project open to diverse ideas,
artworks, forms, formats, artists, and backgrounds. It
is interested in  your visual answers to the question
of the [im]possibility of multiculturalism  in an age
of technological and economic globalization.  To what
extent is cross-cultural dialogue possible, and
where/how do you see its definition, limits, and
interaction points?

So far we have selected  works from more than 10
countries,  including curatorial selections from the
collections of VideoDataBank, Chicago/USA; Heure
Exquise!, France; VideoMedeja, Novi Sad,Yugoslavia,
and others.

Curators: Boris Kostadinov and Zhivka Valiavicharska

Submit your work before September 1, 2000,  with the
following information:
__title of the work
__year of production
__format: CD,, videotape(videos must be VHS
copies only -- PAL or NTSC)
__special technical requirements
__a brief description of your idea

We need  your:
__ name and contact information
__a brief resume

Materials will not be mailed back. Please, indicate
whether you will permit us the further use of your
work by ,HO Association for Contemporary Art for
promotional purposes,press releases and broadcast

Thank you for your participation!

Mailing Address:

,HO Asociation For Contemporary Art
Boris Kostadinov
21B Patriarch Evtimii St.,
Sofia 1000

September 1, 2000

Tel. (359) (2) 989-6027,


A detailed program and a catalog of VA(MEDIA.DOC)VA
will be available after October 1, 2000.

,HO Association for Contemporary Art is an
independent, non-profit institution founded in 1998,
and located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Main projects,
activities and goals:
-- to bring together highly innovative ideas and
artists, working with new electronic media. ,HO ACA
privileges the visual arts; however,  it also
initiates and strongly supports projects whose nature
crosses the boundaries of the visual into
multidisciplinary and new media forms;
-- to provoke theoretical and visual dialogue about
current issues in visual culture; to revisit and
rethink well-defined theoretical positions; to
popularize underrepresented contemporary problems and
minority viewpoints through the visual arts;
-- to encourage and support the integration and
dialogue between the Eastern European countries and
West by financially supporting international
new-technology grounded projects, and by stimulating
professional collaboration among
artists, critics, theoreticians, and new media
activists throughout the world.

,HO ACA initiators, staff and contributors are: Zhivka
Valiavicharska - Bulgaria, Ilina Koralova - Bulgaria,
Boris Kostadinov - Bulgaria, Michaela Nikolova -
Bulgaria, Andreas Spigl - Austria, Milena Ilieva -
France, Herve Perdriel - France

Mailing Address:
,HO Association for Contemporary Art,
Boris Kostadinov
21B Patriarch Evtimii St.,
Sofia 1000,
tel. (359) (2) 989-60 27

Boris Kostadinov
21b Patriarch Evtimii St
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Tel. 00359 2 989 60 27

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