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Syndicate: Call for exhibitions - Barcelona 2004

International call for ideas for the exhibitions of the
Universal Forum of Cultures  - Barcelona 2004

The Universal Forum of Cultures - Barcelona 2004 announces an international
call for ideas for selecting exhibition curators to develop and direct the
three major exhibitions envisaged in the preliminary program of the Forum.

The provisional titles of these exhibitions and their basic themes are the

>From sound to voice: the main topic should  be communication as an
expression of cultural diversity and as a bridge  for dialogue between
different cultures.

Inhabiting the world: this should focus on sustainable development, with
emphasis on different forms of urban settlements and their material and
social development.

Adventures of the spirit (old and new myths): the backbone of this
exhibition should be the immense diversity of cultural expressions with
which humankind has expressed, and still does, the same concerns on the
major issues of his existence.

Procedure:  Selection shall take place in two phases:

1st Phase:

Nine exhibition proposals, three for each Exhibition, will be pre-selected
after assessment and evaluation by a committee of independent experts.

Requirements. Candidates must present:

1. A dossier including:

- a statement outlining the motivation for participating in the competition
and a general description of the focus that the candidate proposes to give
to the exhibitions. This should be no longer than three A-4 sheets.
Candidates may apply to develop no more than two of the exhibition projects.
- description of the composition and technical resources of the candidate's
- audiovisual and/or written material to document the candidate's relevant
working experience.
- the candidate's professional and legal details.

2. Deadline for the presentation of candidatures: 15 July 2000

Participating in this first phase does not involve any financial reward.
Candidates will be informed of the selection results by 31 July 2000 at the

Presentation of candidatures should be submitted to:

Universal Forum of Cultures - Barcelona 2004 (Ref: Exhibitions)
Marina 16-18  Planta 29, E- 08005 Barcelona
 e-mail:, Tel.: 34.93.4023921/34 , Fax: 34.93.4023912

2nd Phase:

in this phase the nine pre-selected candidates shall be commissioned to
develop their draft projects.

The Forum will send documentation on the development of the Forum´s
program, its general budget, the main facilities planning, and the
financial conditions for carrying out the draft project.

Requirements. Candidates must present:

- Documents certifying fullfilment of fiscal and employment obligations.
- Layout plans and exhibition systems
- A draft project for mounting the exhibition in the facilities.
- An estimated budget of the exhibition's production and maintenance cost.
- A detailed explanation of the composition and organization of the
candidate's team
- A proposal of fees for managing the project in case they are selected to
carry it out.

The deadline for presentation of proposals by preselected candidates is 30
October and, following assessment and proposal by the committee of
independent experts, the decision on the three finalists shall be made on
15 December 2000.

For further information on the Universal Forum of Cultures, please visit
our web site

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