data]h![bleeder on Thu, 22 Jun 2000 11:46:25 +1000

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Syndicate: ::break c-quenc[h]e kod

::trazh nowe::

aw[fulle]kward preeningz ov egos, stretched tighte in2 previouslee b-9

torque ov telecommunication david N goll[otha].eye.[g]oth giant dot.cumming
N wurldz....

visualee :real: no longah, sprouting yr shite n-b-tween li[n]ez, other
mouthz begin 2 open N shut the truth in2 a f[l]als[h]e sepia l[n]ite[mare]....

market torque re:deuced 2 the other, .govz rulingz via tangelled tractz ov
fighting wurdz that r reaffirmed thru purrpetuation, negative negation ore
uberwize wordz....

writin lizts grow hornz of dis.taste.full praize, re:mov[ing quot.10t =
none]al of all con[ned]straintz or sanctuariez... 

dumb type activated thru conzent and laced removal of ethicaul boundaries....

stagnant mail drownz in poolz of non-blood, drained fromme spacez
potentialli hi[-fi]er thanne kinetic kounterpartz...

arse.nicked emotionz, w[c]oven woundz, his[terical freud-like
m-ulatorz]torie recourzez, back-up droning echoz a profound lozz....

:lite n-s[h]urt requezt here:

:bor[e in2 nuthinezz]ing ancedotal evidence here:

:switch pozition heare:

:dizcount[down in2 oblivion] yr practicaulitiez here:

:layer ah acad[m]em[i gawd]e gaunt.letz here:


::break c-quenc[h]e kode require.[wo]ment here::

::   ::

::   ::

data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              
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