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Syndicate: Get Wired

Wired and Dangerous
Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 July
at the Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester

The Impact of Technology on the Creative Process

The final conference in the Get Wired series, exploring new technology and
the arts
Web-site and on-line booking at www.getwired.org.uk or call (01223) 500202
Price for 2 days: £80 + VAT (or £40 + VAT for non-salaried artists and

The technological revolution is having an enormous impact on the arts and
creative industries.  As during the Renaissance, artists are coming out of
their ivory towers to draw influence from and engage with science, commerce
(eg: games technology), and many other areas of life.

Taking place at a fascinating point in history, Wired and Dangerous is a
2-day conference exploring  "the impact of technology on the creative
process".   The sixth and final conference in the hugely popular Get Wired
series, it also forms part of the 2000-2001 Year of the Artist celebrations.
Shaped by  a group of leading practitioners from the arts and technology
fields, the programme brings together artists, commentators, arts managers
and others to create a "safe" environment in which the mainstream arts
community can embrace technology and vice versa.

Organised by the Arts Council of England, Eastern Touring Agency and East
Midlands Arts, Wired and Dangerous is relevant for artists, arts programmers
and anyone seeking to explore this area of work.

? Keynote speech: The Impact of Technology on the Creative Process - Terry
Braun, Braunarts
? Artists include: Keith Piper; Juliet Robson; Rita Keegan; Olu Taiwo;
Stefan Gec; Tea, Toast and Technology; Active Ingredient's Chemical Garden
? Presentations: free technology (The Redundant Technology Initiative); the
20 year evolution of digital arts (Bill Thompson); making music in your
bedroom (Norwich Arts Centre), technology and dance (Mark Murphy, V-TOL),
multi-media performance (Blast Theory; Hugo Glendinning, Forced
Entertainment); Online subversion: anarchic site-seeing; Literature online
(Sue Thomas, trAce)
? Discussions: Working with Institutions; Spaces for new and emerging
art-forms; Putting it on: programming, commissioning, producing, promoting
(with input from the Lovebytes Festival)
? Consultancy on intellectual property rights and project funding:
? Learning and interactive space, with surfing and CD Roms
? Digital Disco fusing music, art, film and digital technology - live at the
Dry Dock pub, Tuesday 25 July

For more information, interviews and media passes, contact:
Juliet Allan, Eastern Touring Agency T: (01223) 500202/578153
email: info@e-t-a.demon.co.uk  web-site: www.getwired.org.uk
  8 June 2000 ENDS/

Active Ingredient
AI Design
t.  0115 9526060
a.  Production Office 1
     Broadway, 14 - 18 Broad St
     Hockley, Nottingham NG1 3AL

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