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Syndicate: Antidote 5

>Says Saman:
>"The genocides
>and atrocities of europe in the 30s and 40s are
>not about to happen here in Canada."
>But the reality of strong conservative solutions is not so backdated in

In fact here on the west coast of Canada, in the midst of a supposed social 
democracy we have a proto neo-fascist police force clamping down on the 
latino/a community, scape goating them for the drug and prostitution ills 
(vancouver now known as the "bangkok of north america" due to the expansive 
child prostitution), police surveillance cameras being placed all over our 
community, the poorest in Canada increasing the sense of forced encirclement. 
 As well we now have (for the first time since the second world war - where 
Japanese-Canadians were imprisoned, losing all of possessions and property) 
our second series of 'concentration camps', this time for refugees fleeing 
the Fujian province of China, they are given no rights and their human rights 
are routinely violated, thrown into small isolation cells for trying to 
express themselves to the guards who understand none of their language.  The 
colonial politics continue here and the canadian-european citizens are 
becoming more vocal in their imperial racist statements (where once we they 
very good at repressing this), this paired with arch-conservatives of all 
types and colours, purchasing their rights to be canadian over-top of 
refugees fleeing their lives.  Of course all of this takes place while the 
even court recognized rights of the First Nations are trampled upon as 
throughout out history and the environment gets continually trashed...

best wishes, 

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