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Syndicate: Fwd: media summer school former Yugoslavia)]]]

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>Subject: opportunity (participants from former Yugoslavia)
>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 11:05:01 -0500
>From: "Jowita Januszewska" <JanuszeJ@newschool.edu>

>OSI Summer School Media Education in former Yugoslavia
>Faculty of Social Sciences, Kardeljeva pl. 5,
>SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
>karmen.erjavec@uni-lj.si, zala.volcic@uni-lj.si
>Open Society Institute and Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana
>the Summer School 2000 in Ljubljana, from the 19th of June till the 2nd
>July. The exposed theoretical problem of the Summer School is a
>state of Media education in former Yugoslavia, which is going to be
>from three different themes: Media and War, Children and War, Children
>The Summer School's focus will be the argument that the former
>states are inside and outside themselves faced with a lack of
>and with a manipulation of information so vital for the citizen's
>participation in a democratic system. The Summer School will firstly
>identify the main point of views on the "media war" in former
>Further, it will deal with the consequences of war on face-to-face and
>communication with the emphasis on children's communication. Last, it
>focus on the role of the media in children's lives (violence,
>private/public spheres, pornography) and will try to answer the
>What kind of knowledge and skills does the citizen need in a media
>To sufficiently cover the topics, international professors from
>perspectives (sociology, media studies, psychology, history, political
>science ) are invited to lecture. The official language is English.
>schedule will be divided into lectures in the mornings, and seminars
>the use of new teaching methods) in the afternoon. The Summer School
>cover the participants the expanses of accommodation, food,
>and main travel costs.
>WHO MAY APPLY: The participants must be from former Yugoslavia. Summer
>school will host journalists and young academic stuff, preferably with
>finished MA degree. The participants should send their CV's, and a
>assignment (3 pages) with the title "Media education in my country",
>three main questions have to be addressed: 1. The role of the media
>(state-media-civil society; media propaganda, public opinion process);
>The position of Media education in your country (Media education as a
>of educational curriculum in different levels of schools, where
>are thought about the media); 3. The possible solutions to improve the
>Communication act. On the basis of the above, send your applications
>later than till the 30th of March on organisers' emails. The board
>select 25 participants and will announce the results till the end of

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