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Syndicate: AW: pride + coinciden

It is a coincidence that I was born in Austria, but I feel it as my home. It is a coincidence that I
got those parents, but I love them. It is a coincidence that I met this girl in a street-car, but I
still love her. Without those coincidences and the importance we feel for them, life would be rather
dull ... I could also be a lion (a rainworm) in Kenya and wuold be proud to be one ...

But I would not be proud to be an Austrian under Hitler, or a South African under Apartheid. I would
also have problems to be a proud citizen of any country which suppresses minorities, religions,
freedom of press and speech, does not assist the weaks and poors, divides the nation in very rich
and very poor people etc.

I am proud to live in a country which serves its citizens quite well, although I am not the
politician who did all that.

Greetings from wonderful Austria,


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Von: Siegl Andrea []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 15. Februar 2000 11:03
An: Rebernik Peter
Betreff: pride + coincidence

peter, just out of curiosity, why are you proud of being an austrian ?
i m also austrian (passport etc), am not believing in having had previous
lives or having after-lives eventually, but as far as i see its a bit of
coincidence that i got born here and not elsewhere - it didnt happen cos
of my own hands work/ (nicht mein verdienst)
of course you can say now coincidence doesnt exist ..
but maybe thats just a definition/cultural-thing ?



> would be severly prosecuted, if he proclaims nationalsocialistic ideas.
> It is just hypocrisy to say that Haider is a Nazi!
> Peter, the proud-to-be-an-Austrian Rebernik

i can imitate a trombone

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