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Re: Syndicate: Art & the Strategy of Absence against...

On 14-Feb-00, wrote:

>In a sound-bite era, hot on the heels of a very heavily ideology-driven 
>period of, oh, about 100 to 150 years (capitalism vs commie/socialism) in 
>which banners, slogans, fetishised symbols (swastika, hammer and ....; red 
>star, U$ etc.) and corresponding slogans were injected to supplant the more 
>complicated matter of thinking,....

Sound like ideal ephemera for!

Do you think your radical (as in root) attempt to turn radishes into beetroots
has anything to do with a background in a more formal medium such as film?

>..... it is surely going to be hard to get a foot 
>in edgewise.  But, the first thing is to dump these words, LEFT and RIGHT,

...well, as a dyslectic, I never understood them anyhow! 

>Ok Lorenzo, let's have another pizza.

I guess Amsterdam is a bit too far to deliver with your Vespa!





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