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Date: Thu, Feb 10, 2000, 14:16


The 2nd Avantgarde-Ariergarde Festival will take pace at the end of July
2000. The place and general form of an event remain the same as AA 1999. I
want ask all interested artists for a contact, the organisers for some kind
of collaboration or advises, all other people for help or comments. When
you're not interested - give me sign, please, I don't wanna bore you with my

Place of an event, Insko, is a pretty little (population 2.500) town placed
on the bank of beautiful lake among the woods. It is located about 80 km
west from Szczecin, Poland and about 200 km from Berlin, Germany. Festival
will be a loose holiday meeting of free artists with possibility of common
activity. I want to host these artists who have not a concrete holiday plans
for the end of July and are interested in a joining the holiday rest with a
meeting with others. The performances are expected but not necessary. The
role of organisers is only to assure good conditions for arists for rest
(sleep, food and eventual daily diet), meet and eventually play.

The idea, the meeting of an creative, searching artists with their art
originating from every possible source, have a purpose to collide a
different trends with hope of some positive collaborations or at least of
expanding of a view of contemporary art. We have to our disposal a little
cinema (about 100 places), two open stages by lake and the area of all town
for performances.

What kind of artists shall be invited? Masters and outsiders, musicians,
art.-performers, film-makers, poets, directors and actors, searchers or
these who has found, professionals and amateurs, improvisers and
interpreters -everyone who is avantgardist or ariergardist. Every creative,
non-commercial artist.

The people of our times are living in a flood of commercialism. The spending
of a money is covering all what have some true worth. Where is an art.? The
true artists are hidden in their own ghettos. Unreachable for a simply man.
This have to change. I am not a professional organiser, my possibilities are
limited but I will do everything for make my festival fruitful as for
artists as for audience.

There are some artists preliminary interested in visit my festival:
Carl Stone from USA
SuAndi Obe, Chris Cutler, John Butcher, Simon H. Fell and Andrew Lagowski
from UK
Dror Feiler, Edward Derkert and Benny Nilsen from Sweden
Karlheinz Essl from Austria
Christer Irgens-Moeller, Johan Toft, Joergen Teller and Niels Winther from
Emil Sorin Lerescu from Romania
Jean-Marc Montera from France
Andreas Hagenbach from Swiss
Thomas Lehn, Oliver August and Stefan Beck from Germany
Daniele Brusaschetto from Italy
Janni Tuomi from Finland
Christian de Jong and Ensemble Nova Musica from Spain
Mari Sobolev and NONGRATA from Estonia;
Ljudmila Stratimirovic and HATS THEATRE from Serbia
Luc Houtcamp from Holland
and more...
I'm sure the possibility of meeting only some from these excellent artists
will be great event.

My e-mail: trzonca@polbox.com;
address: Tomasz H.Rzonca
70-853 Szczecin
ul.Warminska 21/1
and available fax: +48/914845495

Except of above it's a possibility to organise the performances in my
hometown - Szczecin. The proposition is directed especially to the artists
who will visit Poland or Berlin and claim not so high fees. There is a place
where we want to promote a new music, performing-art or theatre. If you're
interested contact me or Darek Startek dzaz@bph.onet.pl.

There is a few very interesting groups playing new or improvised music. If
some of you are interested in an organisation of performances for the groups
from Poland, give me a sign, too.

Greeting you and waiting for response

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