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Syndicate: Competition ... Central and Eastern Europe including Russia and former Soviet Republics

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Date: Thu, Feb 10, 2000, 14:16


EastEuropeArt.com is sponsoring an International Competition for best works
by artists from countries of Central and Eastern Europe including Russia and
former Soviet Republics.

Dates of Competition:

January 2000 through December 31, 2000. Results will be announced in March


Fine Art, Decorative Arts.

Terms of Competition:

A total of 3-5 works of art created in the past three years and which have
not been winners of other competitions are allowed per author. Size of works
cannot exceed 1.5 m.

Each participant of the competition must provide:
completed application form;

short biography of the artist;

good quality color photograph of the work (20 x 25 cm.), including: title,
authors name, date, material and size.

Photographs can be e-mailed or sent by mail. Photographs will not be
returned. All entry materials must be received by December 31, 2000.


Works entered in the competition must be representative of the best
traditions of European and World Art, must display authors creative
individuality and evoke a positive response.

Works entered must remain in the possession of the artist until the end of
the competition. To reach a final conclusion the Jury will require viewing
the original work of art.

Although all artists will retain copyrights of their work, EastEuroArt.com
will have the right to exhibit during years 2000-2001 and reproduce those
works in company advertising.


Fine Arts: 1st - $3,000, 2nd - $1,500, 3rd - $750.

Decorative Arts: 1st - $1,500, 2nd - $750, 3rd - $500.

Throughout the duration of the competition the chosen works will be
exhibited for 2-3 weeks at virtual gallery www.easteuroart.com free of

The competition will conclude with an exhibit of the best works in all
categories at the gallery www.easteuroart.com

Works of all the finalists will be published in a competition catalogue free
of charge.


Jaroslav Andel
PhD., Art History
Scholar and curator, former director of the Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art, National Gallery in Prague. Authored numerous books and
exhibitions on 20th century art. Curator and author of the exhibition, and
the book "Art of Avant-Garde in Czechoslovakia 1918-1938" in IVAM Valencia
Museum in Spain. Presently co-curator of the exhibition "Order or Chaos:
Birth of Abstraction" in Haus Der Kunst in Munich and Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art in Strasburg.

Steven A.Mansbach
Professor and Chair, Art History Department/ Pratt Institute.
Author of the book "Modern Art in Eastern Europe: From the Baltic to the
Balkans, ca. 1890-1939", he has been a professor of art history at
universities in the United States, South Africa, Germany, Poland, and Czech
Republic, the Associate Dean of the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual
Arts, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., and the founding dean of an
international institute for the arts and humanities in Berlin.

Jane A. Sharp
PhD., Art History
Curator of Russian and Soviet Nonconformist Art at the Jane Voorhees
Zimmerli Art Museum in Rutgers, New Jersey.

Application Form

Name: __________________________________

Category: _______________________________ City: _______________ Country:

Work Description: ________________________ Zip:

_________________________________________ Phone: ______________ Fax:

_________________________________________ E-mail:

EastEuroArt,Inc., Att: Mark Kolodny, 12 Laurel Lane, Greenwich, CT 06830,

Tel. 203-622-7310, Fax 203-629-1915, E-mail: mkolodny@easteuroart.com

This announcement may be photocopied

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