ctgr on Thu, 10 Feb 2000 12:12:10 +0100

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Syndicate: [ Elliott Arco2000 WGP ] come ride the bests !!!

[ Elliott Arco2000 WGP ]
friday feb 11 2000 19h30 (7h30 GMT + 1)

start grid is full
subscriptions for Net Horses are closed.

the World Grand Prix will be ran on pavu.com derby and will be
transmitted on palais-tokyo-list@pleine-peau.com
the Race will last 1 (one) minute precisely !!

EVERY ONE can come to ride one (or several) Net Horse(s) and make it run !!!

The Net Horse that will have had ran the greatest distance (displayed
the greater number of emails on the tokyo list) during the one minute
race will winn the race and get the trophy !!!

start to be given on irc on the channel #pavu
[ server irc.webmaster.com ]

[ every infos will be online 2 hours before race start ]

see you on the race derby !!

for pavu.com
clement Thomas - Executive
-/ welcome to a plining world ! /-
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