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Syndicate: Fwd:: the austrian situation - statement from public netbas

>From: Marie Ringler <>
>Subject: the austrian situation - statement from public netbase
>Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 17:51:32 +0100

>... here comes an official statement from Public Netbase. The situation
>is quite dramatic - the last days have been crazy - daytime trying to get a
>grasp of how to keep our operations running admist a very pessimistic
>outlook on the future and nighttime out on the street with tens of
>of people - which at least brightens up our emotions.
>We ask you to support the Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public
>Netbase t0 and all the others in this country fighting for a better
future -
>isolation of the resistant forces is not a solution.
>for the public netbase team,
>konrad becker & marie ringler
>The Institute for New Culture Technologies in Vienna firmly opposes any
>policy leading to discrimination, defamation and intimidation.
>The participation of the Freedom Party (FPOE) in the Austrian government
>represents a dangerous precedent for the political unity of Europe. The
>FPOE's inclusion in the government amounts to a political legitimisation of
>acts such as playing down Nazi crimes and stirring up resentment,
>and sexism.
>It also acts to legitimise attempts of political zigzagging, refusal of
>dialogue, and intimidation against dissenters.
>Cultural workers have repeatedly been attacked by the Freedom Party. The
>Institute for New Culture Technologies t0 has itself experienced what it
>means to be an opponent of Joerg Haider when a slandering campaign against
>it could only be stopped by court action. The court ruling has since
>successfully countered his defamations.
>The FPOE's inclusion in the government is a serious threat to democracy.
>Therefore we appeal to you to continue to critically monitor the
>developments in Austria, so that this unacceptable political situation can
>be reversed and can never become an example for others.
>Isolating not only the current governmental coalition, but also those
>that resist it, would mean working into the hands of the FPOE in its
>to undermine a critical public.
>Please support us and all the others who oppose the current development and
>who jointly act for freedom, tolerance and democracy.
>Institute for New Culture Technologies t0
>Public Netbase
>Museumsquartier, Museumsplatz 1
>A-1070 Vienna, Austria
>Fon: ++ 43-1-522 18 34
>Fax: ++ 43-1-522 50 58

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