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Syndicate: Re: Do no longer exhibit in Austria!

dear all//too!

the critical point in austria is a political
problem, not a social or cultural one. it is
mainly a problem with the conservatives and
not a so much about the FPOE... and a problem
with the population [over 50% voted for the
conservatives and the FPOE];;

and most definitely it is not a "nazi" problem.
this old and beautiful, but also cruel and
primitve historical concept is not working in
austria anymore! forgetittt!

we have to let the FPOE and conservatives do
it! and at the same time fuck them from the back...

isolation on a political level is absolutely
necessary. the european community has to agree
on how to deal with such developments... where
they can and want and will interfere... this
is the real challenge! otherwise, i strongly
agree with mista fleck that the sparks could
jump... the eastern burnout//in..hehehe..

economically YES! boYkottz in tourism, business
relations, etc... could prove very effective!

from the art/kultzural point of view, NO WAY!
boYkottz would lead to emigration and intellectual
isolation, which is contra__productive!. there
is need for intelligence and provocation.

proactive moves by artist:: subversive actions
and smarter wayz of dealing with media would be
much more important and effective than neglecting
the problem by boykott; surely purely .gov
supported artists will have a hard time, so be it!
hehehe.. they are not very important anyway, too

and very famous artists are self-responsible,
they have to take the heat! they agreed on this
by beeing public figures. my experience as an
etoy.AGENT has given me such situations, you
get spit at, you get isolated, you get threats,
but YOU WANTED IT THAT WAY, thats the trade-off
for fame and influence.. everybody has to pay
their price for what they take/get!

..so.. yes, it is a dangerous situation in .at,
yes it is an interesting situation, and yes we
are ready to kick ass..

almost all people are stupid, uneducated and
fucked.. and this is the REAL problem, and this
is a global problem...! sorry for this
pesimistic WELTBILD, but just look around...

and finally, if you really wanna talk about
fascism, who do you think is more dangerous
/[[or even more fascist?]]
... sporty haider or beauty gw.bush?

so.. read fast! think later!

hans_extrem, hans_extrem@hotmail.com
reporting **** from vienna/austria


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Dear all,
I am forwarding you an e-mail I got from a Croatian theorist, who
recieved e-mail from Robert Fleck who wrote about what for austrian
artists mean enter of Haider into the gouverment.

          Do no longer exhibit in Austria! (fwd)
          Wed, 2 Feb 2000 09:35:58 +0100 (MET)
          Mirko Petric <mpetric@umas.hr>

Forwardiram poruku Roberta Flecka o tome sto ulazak Haidera u vladu znaci
za austrijske umjetnike i umjetnice.


Nantes, 2.2.2000
Dear friends,
As you know, Austria got today the first federal government since the
end of
World War Second with a big participation of nazis.
I am born in this country, have lived there for 24 years, now writing
almost twenty years in austrian newspapers, studied political history
(history of democracy...) in this country. Also through my familly, I
know in
detail the inside stories of the FPOe - a party founded in 1948, after
amnesty for the big nazi rulers, to be a legal cover for their activity.
1986, Joerg Haider took over the party by a putsch with the aim to
re-establish these origins, and to rehabilitate the nazi period in
and if possible in Central Europe.
The actual danger is much beyond Austria: in five years or, let's say,
the death of Vaclav Havel, whole Central Europe can burn in the same way
Austria now. The Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. are ready to
this political choice.
Regarding Austria, I am convinced since 1983, when Bruno Kreisky
retired, the
first jewish chancelor in Central Europe since the birth of mankind,
this spectacular comeback of the nazis must occure.

For contemporary arts, I see only one possible choice:

It has now become absolutely impossible, in moral terms, for any artist,
galerist, museum curator or collector, to exhibit any longer in Austria,
to cooperate with any Austrian institution. There is only one question
ask: would you have exhibited in Nazi-Germany? Only with a complete
of the local artlife, we can help the Austrian artists to survive. The
government wants to show that "everything is as before", regarding
liberty. Since 1995, all international known Austrian artists are under
pressure by the party of Joerg Haider; anonymous phone calls, Nazi-signs
their cars, menaces to take their children - since five years, many
internationally known artists in Vienna are only moving with their
familly in
the city inside of closed cars. As far as I know, most of the jewish
community is also behaving like this, because they were constantly
in the street. During the "100 Years" exhibition in 1998, the Vienna
Secession had constantly nazi-signs, painted during the night, on the
building; the Austrian federal police refused to consider these facts,
that "this is normal". The next years will be very hard for Austrian
They all talked to me in the last years or months about leaving the
Even half of the actual students at the Vienna Academy were thinking
leaving the country. For a writer, an intellectual, this is relatively
For an artist, to change the country is very complicated. The only way
help them, is to boycott the country itself. If you show to the Austrian
population that the new government is outlaw, then - but ONLY then - the
woters may consider during the next elections in 2003 that this may have
a bad choice for their country.

There can not be any preference for Austrian artists, but for you,
international collegues, it is just about passing them a phone call or a
from time to time, taking care of them in some sense, just hearing if
are ok and able to work and to exhibit. You all have very many contacts
Austrian artists. Staying in contact with people ouside can be very
for each of them.

I was born in this country, and as one of very few still active
critics in this country, I have a heavy responsability. With the
of the new government, I announced publically to stop my collaboration
the big exhibition about the young art scene in Vienna (other curators:
Herkenhoff, Maaretta Jaukkuri, Rosa Martinez) scheduled for Oct.
2001 at Kunsthalle Vienna; to stop any collaboration with Austrian
institutions; no longer going to Austria before the end of the
nazi-participation in the government; trying to change citizenship. But
will stay as much as possible in contact with the Austrian artists,
the fact that I have a very close relationship with all artists
there, from the generation of the pioneers of an independend art life
Lassnig, Arnulf Rainer), to the young students.

Best Wishes,
Robert Fleck

Robert Fleck
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