Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 2 Feb 2000 17:42:45 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: Fwd: Do no longer exhibit in Austria! (fwd)

dear friends,

there can be little doubt that the FPO is very bad news for austria, not
least for the austrian artists and cultural organisations who have had to
go through several difficult conflicts with haider's party already.

in order to understand the danger more precisely, it would be good if some
of the austrians on this list, or robert fleck himself, could explain a
little more what the policies of the FPO are in the field of culture and
society. this might also help to ascertain more clearly how best to support
the democratic and independent groups in austria.

at the same time, we should not forget that there are other countries in
europe which have worrying governments with xenophobic, nationalistic,
undemocratic, you name it, policies, whose artists deserve the same kind of
support. vienna-belgrade 660 km.

by the way, whatever happened to the Baltic mission to Minsk?


>Dear all,
>I am forwarding you an e-mail I got from a Croatian theorist, who
>recieved e-mail from Robert Fleck who wrote about what for austrian
>artists mean enter of Haider into the gouverment.

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