Eric Kluitenberg on Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:29:55 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: Fwd: Do no longer exhibit in Austria! (fwd)

Fellow Syndicalists,

At 17:42 +0200 02-02-2000, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:

>at the same time, we should not forget that there are other countries in
>europe which have worrying governments with xenophobic, nationalistic,
>undemocratic, you name it, policies, whose artists deserve the same kind of
>support. vienna-belgrade 660 km.

Once again we have decended into a horror-trip, and Andreas is absolutely
right. While we cannot be critical enough of what is happening in Austria,
now is more the time than ever for support and solidarity with critical
forces within the Austrian society and culture. With the vicious publicity
attacks of Haider's dark force in the past, even on established artists and
organisations, we may be certain that Austria will continue and intensify
it's long tradition of scandalous affairs - particularly in the field of
the arts and culture. I would not be surprised if media-repression would be
the next, maybe even the first sign, where the new rule would become
The christian *democrat* party cannot put up any effective counterbalance
to the extreme overweight to the right in this new *government*, as the
whole predicament is largely caused by their loss of votes to the FPOe.

So, finally Thomas Bernhard was right in his observation that when Claus
Peymann (former director of the Vienese Burg Theater) invited him for
coffee at Hotel Sacher (the place where the political and power elite
meet), upon entrance he could see that the crowd was made up for one half
of fascists and for the other half of idiots...

a sordid affair...

>by the way, whatever happened to the Baltic mission to Minsk?

it happened and was pretty succesful - a report of those involved would be
most useful!

best wishes,

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