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[oldboys] 2 Important New Books From D.A.P.

although, this list usually does not spread adds,
but there are some oldboys involved in the advertised book-projects.
maybe somebody would like to make a review or two.

best, c.

>D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers is happy to announce the release 
>of 2 important new books of writings on contemporary art. These titles 
>are available at better bookstores, online booksellers or through D.A.P. 
>WORDS OF WIDSOM: A Curatorís Vade Mecum
>Published by ICI/Independent Curators International
>Edited by Carin Kuoni
>An invaluable guidebook for anyone interested in contemporary art and the 
>practice of curating. Among the 60 original contributors are: Jean Christophe 
>Ammann, Carlos Basualdo, RenČ Block, Francesco Bonami, Dan Cameron, Lynne 
>Cooke, Bice Curiger, Donna De Salvo, Richard Flood, Thelma Golden, Yuko 
>Hasegawa, Mary Jane Jacob, Jean-Hubert Martin, Gerardo Mosquera, Fumio Nanjo, 
>Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Olu Oguibe, Mari Carmen Ramirez, Nancy Spector, Robert 
>Storr, Harald Szeemann, and Marcia Tucker.
>ISBN 0-916365-60-3
>Paperback, 5.24 x 8.5 inches, 176 pages, 120 b&w images. $14.95
>For more information on this title, click on the link below. You 
>may also visit ICIís web site.
>INTERACTION: Artistic Practice in the Network
>Published by Eyebeam Atelier and D.A.P.
>Edited by Amy Scholder and Jordan Crandall
>Foreword by John S. Johnson
>A passionate debate on the vast transformations wrought by the internet and 
>their implications for artistic practice. Contributors to the book include: 
>Robert Adrian, Oladele Ajiboye Bamgboye, Saul Anton, Adnan Ashraf, Robert 
>Atkins, Ricardo Basbaum, Carlos Basualdo, Ursula Biemann, Simon Biggs, 
>Josephine Bosma, Mez Breeze, Andreas Broeckmann, Craig Brozefsky, Robert 
>Cheatham, Critical Art Ensemble, Andy Deck, Ricardo Dominguez, Keller 
>Easterling, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Coco Fusco, Alex Galloway, Joy Garnett, Ken 
>Goldberg, Michael H. Goldhaber, Marina Grzinic Mauhler, N. Katherine Hayles, 
>Susan Hapgood, Brian Holmes, Martin Jay, Jodi, Bill Jones, Tim Jordan, 
>Knowbotic Research, Eve AndrČe LaramČe, Bracha Lichtenberg-Ettinger, Eric 
>Liftin, Lev Manovich, Pedro Meyer, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Margaret Morse, 
>Sally Jane Norman, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Luiz Camillo Osorio, Daniel Palmer, 
>Saskia Sassen, Waltraud Schwab, Yukiko Shikata, Matthew Slotover, Alan 
>Sondheim, Brett Stalbaum, Gilane Tawadros, Judith Thorn, Andrej Tisma, Gregory 
>L. Ulmer, Sjoukje van der Meulen, Joel Weishaus, and Ben Williams
>This is the first book published by Eyebeam Atelier, which has been working 
>towards building a major new museum in New York City, which will focus on art 
>and technology. On July 19th, Diller   Scofidio, and Leeser Architecture from 
>New York City, and MVRDV of Rotterdam, where chosen as the three finalists for 
>the design commission of the new space. The final cut will be made by October, 
>and construction is set to start in 2002 and finish in 2005.
>ISBN 1-891024-24-8
>Paperback, 6 x 8 inches, 168 pages, 34 b&w. $19.95
>For more information on this title, click on the link below. You 
>may also visit Eyebeam Atelierís web site.
>These books are available at better bookstores, online booksellers 
>or through D.A.P. (1-800-338-2665),
>Press inquiries can be forwarded to

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