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The Fifth edition of "le Mois de la performance" is scheduled for the Fall
2002 as part of tge thematic year "les filles de la citÈ".  For this edition
we would like to offer a place for encounters and exchanges, and we are
enthusiastic to expose, collaborate, move, make evident a strategy of
accidents and ambiguities in and around performance art in two cites in the

At the Gallery
Performances, manoeuvres and interventions in the gallery space.  We are
looking for the unique and mundane, short or durational, solitary or
interactive, solo or group initiated projects that are specifically
developed for the walls of La Centrale.

5 ý 7 at CafÈ - Bar
Quick, minute , intense, vivacious, shocking, loud or slow, ambient,
monotonous, long, interactive,translucent or barely visible performance and
lounge acts are the framework for this one-night a week soirees
Proposals should keep in mind the casual setting of the venue and its
potential audience in this public site.

If these two places aren't invigorating your mode of working, then show us a
new place in the City.


Please include:
1. a maximum of 15 slides/video tapes, both identified
2. a description list of slides/video
3. CV
4.Project description and artist statement
5.Self addressed stamped envelope ( or international reply coupons)

La Centrale, Galerie Powerhouse
460, Ste Catherine!., #506
Montreal, Q, H3B 1A6


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