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[Nettime-ro] Fwd: when i'm good i'm very good but when i'm bad i'm better

dear nettimers,

if you happen to go south of spain next months, here some news about these
ten past years spent in front of some screens (&some recent silence,,,)

have a vey nice day

Murcia, retrospective April-September 2015when i'm good i'm very good but
when i'm bad i'm better
Lucille Calmel will be in Puertas de Castilla in Murcia (Spain) to explore
ten years of special relationships with her computers, through her sound,
textual or graphical practices linked to the Internet social networks, her
TV series consumption, or her crisis explorations with her partner GaÃtan

Evolutive residency-installation: 21st of April to 30th of September

29.04 21:00: when i'm bad (final)
assisted by GaÃtan Rusquet
_performance, death of my 2006 reddened laptop_
Between 2004 and 2008, Lucille Calmel spent days and nights on internet
groups, writing, mixing, snapshooting, meeting, living (even on stage at
Paris-Villette)... Here, she will end the last still alive Mac iBook G4
laptop that she lived with during these years on line and/or on stage and
share her traces with the audience.

13.05 21:00: sansespace
assisted by ClÃment Lossonâ
_transtextual performance, created at 102 (Grenoble, France) in April 2014_
Lucille Calmel performs a live screen staging, hijacking the Mac's Stickies
software and soundsystem, abusing shortcuts and other deviations. This
transtextual performance compiles Internet social-networked writings,
glitches and gifs, mixed with an 8 years snapshots collection of around
fifty TV series.

02.07: based on an almost true story. S02
with GaÃtan Rusquet
_active air & sound performance, created at iMAL - Center for digital
culture and technology (Brussels, Belgium) in March 2015_
based on an almost true story. S02 is the second version of an exploration
between GaÃtan Rusquet & Lucille Calmel about crisis. The ultimate one
feels like a dark minimized urban war zone, with a seriously playful
technological touchâ Battlefield experienced with paper towers, drones,
Artists solicited by Les Halles / A Space For Live Art / European Union
Culture Program.
Supports: Arts & Sciences Research Lab (LARAS - ISIB), Digital Arts
Commission of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation,  Wallonie-Bruxelles
International, iMAL.
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