Vlad Nanca on Thu, 27 Mar 2003 15:21:16 +0100 (CET)

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Vlad Nanca

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Yo Vlad! 

Im sending you the e-flyer for the night on Friday...
could you be a darling and work your magic on the
nettime email list? Chhheeers! Im a bit fucked for
addresses to send to cos my computer broke today - my
hard-disk is irreparably fucked (fuck) - so if you
have time, could you also forward the flyer to anyone
who you think might be interested? Id better dash cos
ive been super busy at the moment what with all this
club shite.
seee ya!, 

This bit is the e-flyer)

*Round The Houses*
<Launch Party: Friday 28th>
"Day-go No-wave Disco Trash Moguls..."

@Ramirez, Montague & Associates
11 Iunie Nr 51


>Tom Wilson
>Rock DJ
>Andrei Rusu

Ten-thirty-ish while Late...(\ 
"Its cheap as chips, mum."


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