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[Nettime-ro] United Nations Volunteers

The NetAid Online Volunteering service ( www.netaid.org/ov 
<http://www.netaid.org/ov> ) is managed by the
UN Volunteers programme ( www.unvolunteers.org 
<http://www.unvolunteers.org> ), and provides free
recruitment and management tools for organizations working in or for
developing countries to work with online volunteers.

Sad to say, there aren't many assignments on the service that are
gender-focused, despite many potential online volunteers expressing 
to contribute to such activities. Hence my posting to this gender-focused
If you represent a nonprofit (NPO) or non-governmental organization (NGO)
that is working in or for developing countries, you are encouraged to visit
the NetAid web site, to join and create a login and password for yourself,
to then register your organization as a NetAid Group, and to create
assignments that could contribute to your program goals. If your
organization as a whole is focused on gender issues, or if the project you
need support for is focused on gender issues, please be sure to mark it as
such when you post online volunteering assignments.

Online volunteers can:
-- edit and prepare proposals & press releases
-- research topics and gather data
-- translate documents -- create web pages, brochures and newsletters
-- develop databases
-- design graphics
-- offer legal or business expertise and advice -- tutor students (youth 
or adult)
-- mentor young people
-- moderate online discussion groups
-- manage other online volunteers
and more...

Imagine these scenarios:

-- women organic farmers and cattle-raisers in developed countries talking
with women in developing countries who are starting their own organic
businesses, about pest control, irrigation techniques, cultural prejudice
against women farmers and ranchers, etc.

-- a school needing to match their teachers online with teachers in another
country who work with kids, particularly girls, from a population with a
high-rate of HIV/AIDS, to share best-practices in working with children
affected by such

-- an onsite volunteer helping a local NGO but not having time to research
particular topics, to find online resources that could be helpful to his or
her work or the community, etc., so the volunteer involves a group of 
volunteers to help with these type of needs.
-- professional women engaging in online mentoring with women in developing
countries studying the same field

-- a small NGO needing a web site designed in Arabic and then translated
into English as well

-- students studying Spanish conversing with native Spanish-speaking

-- an NGO sending a funding proposal to be proofread by three-four online
volunteer editors

For more information about Online Volunteering, visit www.netaid.org/ov 

Jayne Cravens [ jayne.cravens@unvolunteers.org 
<mailto:jayne.cravens@unvolunteers.org> ]
Online Volunteering Specialist
United Nations Volunteers
www.unvolunteers.org <http://www.unvolunteers.org>
Bonn, Germany

UNITeS: www.unites.org <http://www.unites.org> NetAid Online 
Volunteering:  www.netaid.org/OV <http://www.netaid.org/OV>
Global portal to volunteering: www.iyv2001.org <http://www.iyv2001.org>


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