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nettime-nl: Summer Webcastings of De HoeksteenNet II

The second program in the Summer Webcastings of De HoeksteenNet
A project of De Hoeksteen Communications and the DDS in Amsterdam.

After webcasting more than seven hours of -live- Real video from the DDS
(The Digital City in Amsterdam) July the Fifth 1999, De HoeksteenNet has
scheduled a second one for Monday July the 12th. 1999 17:00 - 23:00 C.E.T.
(Central European Time)

The webcasting includes the following items:

Amsterdam City Desk

The July the 12th webcasting of De HoeksteenNet begins at 17:00 hours with
Remina Alberts, Amsterdam City Council member  for the SP (Socialistische
Partij) the extreme left in the Dutch political scope. As city council
member Mrs. Alberts deals with welfare (concentrating on the disable, drug
addicts and the homeless) public transport, youth, education culture and
local media.

 "The Amsterdam City Desk" also includes Reina Spier  - van der Woude VVD
(The biggest, Dutch liberal / market oriented party) Amsterdam City Council
at 22:00 hours. She is the chairwoman of the Commission for General Affairs
and her portfolio includes education, local media,  youth, culture and

The Hague Today

Dutch national politics in "The Hague Today" features Oussama Cherribi MP
for the VVD, discussing "democracy in Africa today" after his resent visit
to Mali and Ghana at 20:00.
Politics are followed by interviews with Roberto Payer General Manager of
the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, chairman of the Hilton Holding Benelux and
member of the Board of Directors of the Rotterdam Film Festival. Mr. Payer
will be interviewed in Italian (his native language) first and later in

The Financial Report

On his way back home for the office, Dutch economist Erik Bartelsman
reviews the previous week and forecast financial developments of the week
ahead. 18:30 hours.

The Art Page.

Two Amsterdam galleries and an artist books bookshop have been invited to
present works and discuss them during this webcasting. Harry Ruhe from
Gallery A launches his book on stories by Fluxus artists during the sixties
and seventies all over the world 19:30 hours.
Art Kitchen Gallery shows some of the pieces of the ceramic exhibition
opened at the gallery last Saturday July the 10.
Artist books' bookshop Boekie Woekie presents a selection of original books
and objects by German artist Jan Voss.

The Queer Desk

In "The Queer Desk" (19:00 hours) Mattias Dyves discusses with guests the
Summer events for Amsterdam's homosexual community and the many tourists of
this particular group.
Just In!
The high light of the program is a special appearance by American writer,
actor / comedian Greg Semetko especially  flown from L.A.

The Team

The program is introduced by Hoeksteen chief anchorman Martin Bosma and Rob
Zwetsloot (the face of Amsterdam cable television) provides the musical
entertainment and commentary, interviews are conducted  by Daniel Ramos and
Hannes Vegter and the webcasting is produced by media artist and Hoeksteen
veteran MauzZ. Juan Pablo Jimenez Marroquin in Amsterdam and Lucas
Marroquin Olivera in Bogota moderate the IRC. As in the previous
webcasting, all interviews include the viewers opinion via e-mail and IRC
permanently displayed at the button of the screen as well as faxes and
phone calls. Point - to - point and multipoint teleconferencing are an
integral part of the infrastructure available for viewers participation and
special events from other locations.

Future Programming

Two more programs have already been scheduled for this month; the first one
is on Saturday July the 17th. featuring two members of the Dutch Lower
House: Jan Hoekma D66 (Democrats 66, center left liberals) he is a member
of the Defense Commission and Chairman of the Atlantic Commission in
parliament.  Mr Hoekma is interviewed by Colombian journalist Alfonso
Montealegre 16:00 hours. The Second guest in "The Hague Today" is Marjet
van Zuijlen  media spokeswoman for the PvdA (Labour) in the Second Chamber
of Parliament interviewed by British media artist David Garcia 18:00 hours.
Later in the season Mrs. van Zuijlen will join De Hoeksteen team as
contributing editor and head of the Media Desk.
The webcasting also includes architects S. de Swaan and Luis Carlos Suarez,
Australian artist Gary Carsley with table top displays 20:00 hours, the
"Amsterdam City Desk" with council members Fatima Elatik PvdA 17:00 hours,
Gerrit Goedhart chairman of the CDA (Christian Democrats) 17.30 and John
Goring VVD as well as a special interview with Joost Flint director of  the
The Second webcasting will take place on Friday July the 23th with Vicki
Gray account executive of A2000 (Amsterdam Cable operator - phone company &
Internet provider) Martine Huizenga  deputy director of Salto, Amsterdam's
local radio and television, and Anne Lize van der Stoel, chairwoman of the
board of directors of the Foundation Refugees of the Netherlands.

The Month of August

Programming during the month of August will include Discordia the Dutch
theater company, American composer Philip Glass, Hans Hoogervorst Dutch
Secretary of State for Social Affairs, communications pioneer & tycoon
Peter Jelgersma, stage actor director Titus Muizelaar, Rick van der Ploeg
Dutch Secretary of State for Culture, New York media artist  Jed
Rosenzweig, Eduardo Valencia Ospina .Register - General Secretary of the
International Court of Justice in The Hague and many others.

Ars Electronica September 1999

During Ars Electronica 1999 September 4th. - 10th. De HoeksteenNet will
cablecast live Real audio and Real video on a permanent basis.

For more information please contact
Raul Marroquin

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