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[Nettime-nl] Appsterdam Legal Foundation: Operation Anthill Legal Summit (3 and 4 October, Amsterdam)

Dear researchers, thinkers and creativeÂpractitioners,

Conflicting dynamics within the mobile ecosystem question its future and whether it will leverage a proprietary paradigm or innovation should stem from collaborative and communal efforts making use of open systems and open source software.Â

Open innovation refers to the ways companies can benefit from distributed knowledge, external ideas and external routes to market. This informs the idea that most successful innovation happens not as a linear process but in environments which encourage the circulation of ideas and approaches.Â

Open innovation was impeded in the past by network operators who
 tried to regulate and monopolize their markets and it may again be impeded by technology fragmentation and by the excessive use of patent infringement allegations of one company to another. Provided that the very foundations of mobile software licensing are based upon ownership of copyrights and patents, and the huge amounts of money that licensing software generates, cross-industry litigation is likely to be the norm for the foreseeable future (Laffan, 2011).

The Appsterdam Legal FoundationÂis dedicated to funding legal initiatives for App Makers. Through private donations and other funding sources, the Foundation promotes and preserves the Appsterdam community by protecting its most valuable asset â App Makers and their business.

more to readÂhttp://mur.mu.rs/?p=303Â&; Âhttp://mur.mu.rs/?p=345

Join us for the Appsterdam Operation Anthill Legal Summit.

Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 October.

Two days of presentations, workshops and panel discussions about protecting App Makers from extortion by the patent trolls who threaten our industry..

and spread the word!


Olga skp

RSVP for the meetupÂhttp://www.meetup.com/Appsterdam/events/33345872/

* Laffan L. (2011) "Open Governance Index: measuring the trueÂopenness of open source projects from Android to Webkit", Vision Mobile White Paper.
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