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[Nettime-nl] FOO_bar @ WORM, vrijdag 20 november!

/location/: WORM, Achterhaven 148, Rotterdam
/doors/ @ 20.30, start @ 21.00
/entry/: 5 euros

*moddr_lab*'s 'FOO_bar' nights are a combination of presentation,
installation and performance of digital art and music, showing current
interests from the lab without excessive 2.0_fluff - enjoy true
interactivity and have a drink while youâre at itâ

if you're interested in participating in one of the listed workshops,
please send us a mail via **

/programme for the night/:

The *Tagtool* crew (AU) presents âDie haarstrÃubenden Irrfahrten des
Hiltiâ, which can be roughly translated as â*Hiltiâs Oddyssey of
Oddities*â, and features the fearsome space mechanic Hilti who travels
the universe together with, and inside, the careless spaceship known as
Captain, on his way to the mythical Planet Huntopia, home of Commissioner
Hun. The worldâs first improvised animated live science fiction series.
Much of the performance revolves around the use of the 'TagTool', a
performative visual instrument used on stage and on the street. It serves
as a VJ tool, a creative video game, or an intuitive way of creating
animation. The system is operated collaboratively by an artist drawing the
pictures and an animator adding movement to the artwork with a gamepad. On
the 21st and 22nd of November the crew will lead a *TagToolMini* workshop
at moddr_lab.

*SYNCHRONATOR* is a video and audio research project by *Gert-Jan Prins*
and *Bas van Koolwijk* in an attempt to use a combination of current
and analogue means in order to make more use of the characteristic visual
qualities of such techniques.
Since the early years of video art, works have been made which do not
actually produce a standard TV signal waveform and therefore cannot be
directly recorded. Some are based primarily upon magnetic distortion of the
normal TV scan pattern, others utilise a Cathode Ray Tube as if it were an
oscilloscope screen. Bas and Gert-Jan will expand on this history in an
introductory presentation, leading up to an audiovisual performance using
their newly released SYNCHRONATOR device.

*HOTGLUE* is the new project by Danja Vasiliev of our moddr_lab. It is a
website to build websites. Super easy. Pure creativity will prevail again.
It's as easy as making a collage, no technical skills are required. This
night you'll get a glimpse of HOTGLUE Content Manipulation System and a
chat from developer *Danja Vasiliev* if the internet at the Piksel Festival
(NO) is okay ;)
Also there will be an introduction of the *upcoming workshop* on the 28th
29th of November. For more info check the WORMagenda...

Streaming in live from Berlin, *Adam Hyde* will speak about the methodology
FLOSS Manuals is pioneering to write a book in 2-5 days. These events are
known as 'Book Sprints'. Adam will talk about this process, and the
forthcoming collaborative authoring and Book Sprint platform '*Booki*'
which is being developed by FLOSS Manuals. Adam is the Founder of *FLOSS
Manuals*, a community whose central purpose is to write free manuals about
free software. FLOSS Manuals has been operating on an entirely voluntary
basis since 2007, and there are now over 1500 sign up contributors. FLOSS
Manuals won the 2008 Open Source awards and was recently awarded a Honorary
Mention at Ars Electronica, 2009.
Adam's talk is also an introduction to the *Ardour* workshop + FLOSS
Manuals *booksprint* which takes place at moddr_lab from Monday 23rd till
Friday 27th of November.

In and around the bar area we will have a live-set by *Logosamphia*
(Iran/NL) and an audio-visual installation by Norwegian artist *Jade Boyd*.

If you're interested in participating in one of the upcoming workshops,
drop us a line at **

21-22 November: *TagtoolMini* workshop, fee 80,- euro's per Tagtool, so
groups can also apply to build one together (max. 3 per Tagtool)
23-27 November: *Ardour* workshop + FLOSS Manuals *booksprint* with Derek
Holzer, split into afternoon/booksprint and evening/workshop sessions,
participation is *FREE*!
28-29 november: *HOTGLUE* workshop, new web-based content manipulation beta
testing! participation fee 10,- euro's

/Tagtool MINI workshop/:
/Ardour workshop/ + /FLOSS Manuals booksprint/:
/HOTGLUE workshop/:

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