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[Nettime-nl] Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge


Here the resultant "Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to
Knowledge" of the First Internacional Forum on Free culture and access
to knowledge (Oct 29 to Nov 1 2009). A large coalition of
organizations and individuals met at Barcelona and wrote the Charter.
Please help to spread it.

(Please help to spread the word)

A broad coalition from over 20 countries, of hundreds of thousands of
citizens, users, consumers, organizations, artists, hackers, members of
the free culture movement, economists, lawyers, teachers, students,
researchers, scientists, activists, workers, unemployed, entrepreneurs,
creators… has come together to campaign and organise for respect and the
fullfilling of the rights of citizens and artists in the digital era.

The action started with the celebration of a First International Forum
on free culture and access to knowledge (October 29 to November 1
Barcelona) and continuous with the international launching of the
"Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge".

The Charter constitutes the beginning of an unprecedented offensive of
civil society in defense of the fundamental rights in response to the
pressure of the lobbies of the culture industry and lobbies for the
privatization of education and knowledge on the national parliaments,
and particularly European Parliament.

Citizens of the digital era stand up to full fill the potential of the
digital era in the increasing freedom, justice and rewarding for all.

We invite all citizens to make this Charter theirs, spread it and
practice it.

We invite all the governments, multinationals and institutions urgently
to listen to it, understand it and enforce it.

See the Charter at: Download the Charter at:

Let us know ( if your group would like to
endorse the Charter.

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