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[Nettime-nl] the Architecture of Knowledge

NAI presents 'The Architecture of Knowledge: Public Library of the
What will the library of the future look like? Together with
(inter)national students and other interested parties, the Netherlands
Architecture Institute (NAI) and the Netherlands Public Library
Association (VOB) are cooperating on a new functional design for the
library of the future. The project will be launched with an inspiring
series of lectures in May and June, followed by a master class in July.
This is a unique opportunity to work together with prominent
professionals from the field.
Many libraries are currently involved with new premises, relocation or
renovation. But is that new accommodation up to the tasks facing the
library of the future? Can we still manage with the classical programme
of requirements, or does building the library of the future call for new
viewpoints and principles? The changes in the information landscape may
well require an essentially different kind of building. A thorough
analysis of these changes form part of this project: a joint activity
involving professionals, interested parties and students. Participation
yields a welcome addition to the curriculum vitae and inclusion in a
publication. Anyone wanting to take part can apply.
A series of four inspiring lectures for a broadly orientated
professional public, focusing on reading culture, the rise of the
informal media, the changing role of the public domain, and the
compelling strategies of the market, will be launched in May 2009. The
speakers are Lev Manovich (Wednesday 20 May) Bert Verschaffel (Thursday
4 June), Pim van den Berg (Wednesday 10 June), and Markus Miessen
(Thursday 25 June).
A two-week master class will be held from 6 to 17 July. Under the
guidance of a multidisciplinary team consisting of the industrial
designers Jurgen Bey and Ester van de Wiel, the architect Rients
Dijkstra, the artist Gabriël Lester and the graphic designer Daniël van
der Velden, students of architecture, music, new media and design will
analyse the changes from a broad, conceptual perspective in order to
arrive at a new programme. A special campus will be built for this
purpose in the grounds of the NAI in Rotterdam. After the conclusion of
the master class, participants will give a presentation to professionals
from the field.
The intention is to publish the results of the entire project after the
series of lectures and the master class have been concluded. This
(multilingual) publication will offer guidelines to architects, project
developers, local authorities and librarians in designing public
libraries orientated towards the future. The participants in the July
master class will be mentioned in this publication.
Students who want to take part in the free master class in July should
apply via ( ) before 15 May.
Updates on the various activities will appear on the website. For more
information please contact or 010-4401297

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