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[Nettime-nl] Saturday, Jan 31st - KILLER TV – Imaginary Property - HTV Launch - 14:30 h @ Waag Society, Amsterdam


Killer TV, Imaginary Property and HTV - the IJsberg present:

The 13.000e Issue Launch

Saturday 31st January
Theatrum Anatomicum - Waag Society,
Open: 14:30
Broadcast: 15:00
Stream: http://killertv.nl
server: irc.goto10.org
channel: imp

Undermining the borders between text and image, between private  
property and public space, and (ironically) deconstructing some of the  
basic conventions of a magazine, Imaginary Property is curating the 77  
issue of HTV-de IJsberg, investigating new fields of image-production  
beyond the hard-coded notions of the commercial versus the editorial.


Presentations by Kim de Groot, Zeljko Blace, Lilia Perez, Eleonora  
Oreggia, Florian Schneider, Dirk Vis and guests. Host: Lucas Evers.

Live interviews and remote connections between Amsterdam, Milan, New  
York, Berlin, Bombai, and any other ubiquitous space.

Join us on irc, and ask your questions:
You can also call imp_agency via skype.

Interactive connection with Transmediale http://www.transmediale.de/


About Imaginary Property
Imaginary Property is a new research project of the Design department at
Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.It is set up as a realm of  
experimentation at the intersections of design-theory and image- 
production, and a laboratory where emerging concepts and terminologies  
are set to a series of tests.

For more information see:

About Killer TV and Waag Society
Killertv is a testbed, streaming laboratory and interactive television  
in progress, offering debate and presentations on a regular basis  
about digital culture and technological society. Content and  
technology are intertwined in this Waag Society initiative. Waag  
Society is a medialab based in Amsterdam that research how to apply  
technology creatively for social innovation, working in healthcare,  
arts & culture, education and the public domain.

About HTV


/ Peter Troxler
/ Senior Project Manager
/ Waag Society :: Nieuwmarkt 4 :: 1012 CR Amsterdam :: The  
Netherlands :: +31 20 557 9898

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