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[Nettime-nl] This week aboard the MS Stubnitz (Amsterdam Noord): Free Jazz with Ted Miton (UK), Senga Etna (NL) and Jaruzelski (DE)

Dear Subscribers,

This Sunday, the 1st of february the MS Stubnitz is presenting a night of
Free Jazz:

01.02.2009 20:30 // 7?:

Live: Jaruzelski
Jaruzelski was a typical product of the wild german Underground-scene of
the 80s. to provoke and shock the lame socialdemocratic scene which was
the ruling political class in Cologne for several decades. The choice of
this special name (of this special person) was (and still is) their
statement not to communicate in a constructive way with the ruling class:
total confrontation.
Their music includes loosely structured powernoise- performances between
Free Jazz (in the tradition of Masayuki Takayanagi, The Flying
Luttenbachers, Last Exit), Rock'n'Roll (The Fall, Rolling Stones, Elvis
Presley) and live-action (the guitar player, Dr. Borg, is really dancing
with his chair while outcasting his life!).

Live: Ted Milton meets Senga Etna (Free Jazz, NL)
Ted Milton - sax, voice
Rik van Iersel - drums, tapes
Siem Nozza - bass, effects, voice
Younes Riad - electronic //

See you soon aboard!

Andreas Gerdel
MS Stubnitz PR Coordinator

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