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[Nettime-nl] Opening PlaceWear

Opening PlaceWear
zaterdag 21 juli 2007, 15.30 uur
Imagine IC
Bijlmerplein 1006 - 1008

Imagine IC and SKOR (Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte) are delighted
to invite you for the launch of two brand new Tracks & Trails on
Saturday july 21th. Tracks & Trails are multimedia routes through
Amsterdam South –East sharing emotions, personal histories and stories
of the inhabitants of this remarkable area.

New media artist Valentina Nisi developed PlaceWear. A smartphone
shows guides the visitor from station Bijlmer Arena, the H- district
to the Bijlmerpark. PlaceWear connects places with the memories and
local anecdotes of the Bijlmer, changing people's impression of this
neighbourhood forever.

Artist Jonas Ohlsson composed Bijlmer Beats, a musical trail through
shopping center 'Amsterdamse Poort'. Through interviews, lyrics and
sounds from the Hip Hop stars of tomorrow Bijlmer Beats narrates about
the rich, old and deep musical tradition of Amsterdam Southeast.
Bijlmer Beats is a great introduction to the great sound of artists in
the Bijlmer and highlights the development of the musical culture.
From 18.00-19.30 Jonas Ohlsson has programmed a line up of local hip
hop artist on the youth stage at the Kwakoe festival.

Both Trails can be experienced by a limited group of people on
Saturday 21 July. Entries can be mailed too <>. There
is also a possibility to do the remarkable bicycle tour 'Nu begrijp ik
alles' by expressive artist and musician Dick Verdult. Guided by an
mp-3 player this Track & Trail guides the visitor past real and false
truths in the Bijlmer.

We hope to welcome you on Saturday july 21 at imagine IC and the
following concert at the Kwakoe stage!

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