Ramon Govaars on Thu, 19 Jul 2007 17:03:16 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Call for games: Come Out & Play @ Picnic '07

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The urban games festival Come Out & Play takes place on 28-29 September during PICNIC’07, the Amsterdam cross media week, and will turn Amsterdam into a playground for a weekend. Come Out & Play offers a chance to explore new styles of games and play. Last year the festival in New York featured games from the creators of I Love Bees, PacManhattan, The Go Game, Conqwest, Big Urban Game and more.

Have you got a game? We want to include as many different types of games as possible in the festival schedule. We are looking specifically for games with defined goals and interesting, meaningful choices for the players. These games should be interactive and directly engage the participants. Your game can have a technology component or it can be old school with absolutely no tech; to us, it's much more important that the game produce an interesting experience for the players.

We would love to receive your game proposal! Submit your game before July 30.
And of course, hope that you will Come Out & Play.

For more info and submission guidelines, please go to:


Ramon Govaars
Public Events PICNIC’07

Note: Please would you be so kind to forward this message to all your friends and interested persons or organizations that you know of that could have a creative game idea. The more players, the more fun!

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