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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Lecture February 9: Tolga T üzü n

Lecture by Tolga Tüzün: Algorithmic and computer assisted composition

This lecture will be a presentation of the tools and approaches that I
frequently use when I compose my music. I will mainly concentrate on
OpenMusic and try to examplify some algorithmic processes along with other
additional analysis and synthesis softwares.

Location: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Date: Thursday February 9th 2006
Time: 20:00
Entrance: free

Tolga Tüzün (1971) is an electro-acoustic music composer and a Ph.D.
candidate in Music Composition at CUNY Graduate Center.  After receiving his
BA in Political Sciences, he studied composition with Pieter Snapper and
Marc Wingate and advanced orchestration with Ilhan Usmanbas and Hasan Ucarsu
at the Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Music Studies. In
New York, his compositions were played by Cygnus Ensemble, Composers
Alliance, and Contemporary Ensemble and at the 10th International
Electro-Acoustic Music Festival at Brooklyn College.  He also worked as
Assistant Technical Director for Sounds French Festival in March 2003, as
Technical Director in Stephan Wolpe Festival in April 2003, and as Technical
Director for Argento Ensemble in May 2003 and November 2003, for Speculum
Musicae in March 2004.  He studied composition with David Olan and Tristan
Murail in New York.  He has given lectures on mus?c theory and
electro-acoustic music at international conferences, such as The Sixth
International Literature and Humanities Conference at Eastern Mediterranean
University in June 2003 and at the Istanbul International Spectral Music
Conference in November 2003.  Since the beginning of Fall 2003, he has been
teaching at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. Currently, Tolga
Tüzün participates to the one year-long cursus of composition and computer
music at IRCAM for the year 2005-2006.

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