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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Local Stop February 10: Turkey/UK

Local Stop concert with Tolga Tüzün, Brian Duffy, Dirk Stromberg, Korhan
Erel, Sakir Oguz Buyukberber, Robert van Heumen

After-the-noiseroom STEIM's local stop presents a turkish crew. Visiting
composer Tolga Tüzün wil present two short tape pieces, guitarplayer Dirk
Stromberg (american in turkish residence in Istanbul) will team up with
electronica wizkid Korhan Erel in a multi-channel performance, while Oguz
Buyukberber who playes the bassclarinet and the laptop, will perform with
STEIM's managing director Robert van Heumen on LiSa and Super Collider.
Brian Duffy is visiting from the UK, has nothing to do with Turkey, but
makes a hell of a noise with self-made beatboxes.


Dirk Stromberg/Korhan Erel - multi channel performance
Tolga Tüzün - Diaphanous Stones
Buyukberber/VanHuman - processing the bassclarinet to pieces


Brian Duffy - solo performance
Tolga Tüzün - Plugged
Grand Finale with All

Location: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Date: Friday February 10th 2006
Time: 20:30
Entrance: 3 euros

Note: Tolga Tüzün will also give a lecture about 'Algorithmic and computer
assisted composition' on February 9th, 20:00u - more info will follow


Dirk Johan Stromberg is an American sound artist who grew up in Europe. His
musical interests in composition and performance range from classical and
improvised music to industrial and computer music. Being interested in
intimate-performance music, he writes chamber music that frequently includes
the use of computers, often with sound diffusion and artificial intelligence
as key elements. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Texas Tech University and
a Masters of Music from Brooklyn College, CUNY. He is currently on faculty
at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey.

Tolga Tüzün (1971) is an electro-acoustic music composer and a Ph.D.
candidate in Music Composition at CUNY Graduate Center.  After receiving his
BA in Political Sciences, he studied composition with Pieter Snapper and
Marc Wingate and advanced orchestration with Ilhan Usmanbas and Hasan Ucarsu
at the Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Music Studies. In
New York, his compositions were played by Cygnus Ensemble, Composers
Alliance, and Contemporary Ensemble and at the 10th International
Electro-Acoustic Music Festival at Brooklyn College.  He also worked as
Assistant Technical Director for Sounds French Festival in March 2003, as
Technical Director in Stephan Wolpe Festival in April 2003, and as Technical
Director for Argento Ensemble in May 2003 and November 2003, for Speculum
Musicae in March 2004.  He studied composition with David Olan and Tristan
Murail in New York.  He has given lectures on music theory and
electro-acoustic music at international conferences, such as The Sixth
International Literature and Humanities Conference at Eastern Mediterranean
University in June 2003 and at the Istanbul International Spectral Music
Conference in November 2003.  Since the beginning of Fall 2003, he has been
teaching at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. Currently, Tolga
Tüzün participates to the one year-long cursus of composition and computer
music at IRCAM for the year 2005-2006.

  Diaphanous Stones (November 2004)
      Me voilà dans l'exil
      Parlant un langage de pierre
      Aux oreilles de vent
  "Pierre Mère"  César Moro dans ²Le Château de Grisou²  1943
  [Here I am in exile, speaking a language of stone to the ears of wind]

  Plugged (September 2005)
      Plugged is an introversive submersion to the sonic images of Istanbul,
my native city.  Built on the sounds of a bendir, a percussion instrument,
and an oud,    
      plugged instrument, Plugged is a calculated burst of sonic
reminiscences deprived from all original locus and all of most probable

Brian Duffy
Performances at a Dutch Electronic Arts Festival and workshops and
performances at the Baltic gallery in Gateshead/Newcastle have seen critical
acclaim and praise being heaped onto Brian Duffy and his Modified Toy
Orchestra. With international art magazine Mute referring to him as ³a
national treasure² it can¹t be long before the rest of the world sits up and
takes notice of Britain¹s foremost circuit bender. Brian rescues toys from
carboot sales and internally rewires them, converting them into strange and
bizarre new musical instruments or as he says ³reveals the hidden mind
/songs of the toy² , the results can be shocking, funny or just plain

Korhan Erel played grooveboxes, melodica, various effects pedals/processors
in EHP between 2001-2003 with performances in the Electronic Music Festival
of Istanbul and Essl Sammlung in Vienna. Did two residencies at STEIM,
working on sensors and a radio instrument. Currently playing in three bands:
laptop, cracklebox, sound processing in Islak Kopek, a free improvisation
group consisting of two guitars, two saxes, percussion and electronics;
sound processing in Mugwump, an electronic, audiovisual spoken word project;
sound processing in Elektronik Kumpanya, a line up of Turkish Classical
Music performers and singer Ayse Nur Yagiz.

Sakir Oguz Buyukberber Born in Kayseri (Turkey), 1970. After a childhood
passed being seriously involved with painting and poetry, Büyükberber
started practising music by himself. The excitement of the ability to
express the moment with the time aspect of music performance is the
strongest force to make him become a musician. ³Still life to abstract -
contemporary to ethnic - compositional to free.² Being a young Turkish
musician who has three ³Best Instrumentalist² awards and over 20 Cd
appearences including two solo albums, he has been participating traditional
and international projects both at the production and performance parts,
such as a composer, arranger, performer or as a supervizor on one hand, and
creating his own music on the other.

Robert van Heumen is an electronic musician, using STEIM's live sampling
software LiSa with all kinds of controllers (some have called them sexy). He
is active as a member of the electro-acoustic sextet OfficeR, electronic
audio-visual trio SKIF++, part of the N Collective, and has shared the stage
with Michel Waisvisz, Jeff Carey, Oguz Buyukberber, Anne LaBerge, Guy
Harries, Daniel Schorno, Roddy Schrock and Nate Wooley. His soundworld is a
mixture of environmental sounds, toys, voices, sounds from kitchen
appliances, half of the time smashed beyond repair.

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