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Super Collider Interfaces workshop

Goal of this workshop is to explore various functionality and applications of the SuperCollider 3 (SC3) programming language for sound synthesis and musical composition, with a focus on external controllers like HID's (Human Interface Devices like joysticks and gamepads), MIDI controllers, the configurable MKeys virtual interface developed by Jeff and STEIM's new USB sensor interface (unofficially referred to as the 'junXion box').

Through lecture, demonstration, discussion, in-class assignments and open lab sessions participants will gain a working knowledge of SC3 fundamentals to apply to personal musical and creative goals. Participants should be familiar with Mac OSX, basic digital audio concepts such as sound files and MIDI and comfortable using computers to edit sound files. No programming experience is required.

Participants will be orientated to the programming environment, learn the syntax of the language, apply interaction and construct graphical user interfaces, all geared towards external control using various physical controllers, both MIDI and HID.

This course is designed for a diverse audience and is relevant for you if you are:
* an instumentalist interested in using a computer to do sysntheis or processing of your instrument.
* an artist interested in incorporating sound into your work.
* a composer interested in using a computer to do algorithmic composition.
* a computer musician interested in exploring another language.

STEIM will supply a number of MIDI and HID controllers (but also bring your own if you have one!), and for people without their own laptop there is a possibility to use a STEIM mac (in this case please contact so we can arrange a computer for you).

Jeff Carey is computer music composer and performer studied in Audio Technology at American University and Sonology at the Institute for Sonology of the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Netherlands. His work has always centered around system oriented approaches to sound production and composition. His graduate studies was spent researching electronic music, algorithmic composition and real-time applications, mainly using SuperCollider. His undergraduate studies include physics, mathematics, computer programming, acoustics, electronics, digital audio, sound synthesis and recording studio techniques.

The workshop will be held on 6 evenings, from 19:00h - 22:30h, at STEIM, Amsterdam. There will be a possibility to join a performance on STEIM's local-stop concert night on November 23.
Dates: November 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 22.
Fee: €75 (to be payed on the first evening)

Registration can be done only through the STEIM website:

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