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[Nettime-nl] human/machine projects_part01/02

OKNO/code31 present


saturday 22nd of october 2005 at 8pm


freestyle machine poetry: the synthetic speech projects


michel waisvisz & jan st.werner: 
a live performance with the crackle synth and other electronic devices.


all performed at nadine -- herdersstraat 30 rue du berger -- 1050 brussels -- 8pm


Part 1:To end the workshop on sound poetry and synthetic speech, OKNO organises live performances of the human/machine sound poetry projects developed during this experimental media workshop.
Part 2: a live performance of 2 STEIM-members: Michel Waisvisz and Jan st. Werner. 

Both performance take place at nadine vzw -- herdersstraat 30 rue du berger-- 1050 brussels at 8pm.

Michel Waisvisz is a composer/performer of live electronic music, who has developed new ways to achieve physical touch with electronic music instruments. Sometimes this is done by literally touching the electricity inside the instruments and thereby becoming a thinking component of the machine. 
He was amongst the first play with synthesizers on stage and very early developed and performed using gestural controllers. He is also the inventor of the CrackleBox, The Web and The Hands and other instruments based on touch interaction. Together with Frank Baldé he has designed live performance software like LiSa and JunXion. 
He leads the Steim foundation in Amsterdam where performance artists from music, theatre, dance and new media art work to develop their personal electronic instruments. 

Jan st. Werner is the new artistic director of Steim, the institute for electronic music, interface and software development in Amsterdam. In 1993 he started with Andi Toma the German electronica-collective Mouse on Mars. This post-techno genre-bending duo has been refining its sound into an unlikely and likable amalgam of electronic and organic music. Many will claim their music already was so revolutionary and pioneering back in 1994, that it could well have been written today without sounding the slightest bit dated whatsoever. 
Their unique way of creating music demonstrates that intelligence and playfulness are not mutually exclusive terms. Mouse On Mars has a unique vision and a unique way of expressing this vision, resulting in an unmistakeable sound which functions on a universal level. 


okno is supported by the Ministry of the Flemisch Community and the VGC.
the performance of Michel Waisvisz and Jan st.Werner is supported by the Mondriaan Foundation.
the x-med-k / experimental media workshops are supported by het Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds.


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