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[Nettime-nl] Fact and Fiction: Gender in the Interplay of Art and Science [u]

Interdisciplinary and international conference

Fact and Fiction: Gender in the Interplay of Art and Science

October 14, 2005
Institute for Gender Studies
Radboud University Nijmegen
The Institute for Gender Studies is pleased to announce the international conference Fact and Fiction: Gender in the Interplay of Art and Science in celebration of its 20th anniversary. Bringing together a wide range of scholars and researchers from Europe as well as North- America, this one-day interdisciplinary event will take place at Friday, October 14, 2005 at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. You are cordially invited to attend this conference.
More details, further information about the workshops and the registration form is available at:
With presentations, discussions, and performances.
Guest speakers and performers:
Prof. Bracha L. Ettinger - contemporary artist and Professor of Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics of Art, Leeds University, UK;
Greetje Bijma - voice artist, NL;
Prof. dr. Jackie Stacey - Professor of Cultural Studies and Women’s Studies, Lancaster University, UK
Dr. Stefanie Seibold - Lecturer Art University, Linz / Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, Austria;
Dr. Hannah Bosma - Researcher Gender Issues in Electro Vocal Music, NL
Soheila Najand - Artist, Interart, NL
Prof. Colleen McDannell, University of Utah, USA;
Bastienne Kramer - Artist, NL
Prof.dr. Robert Zwijnenberg – University Maastricht, University Leiden, NL
Prof. Judith Roof, University of Michigan, USA;

and many others….

Thematic Outline
The overall theme of the conference concerns the interrelations between art and science, both as distinct discursive domains, and as modes of practice in the construction of knowledge and power. Whereas the radical split between art and science is of relatively recent date, modern art and modern science have, throughout the twentieth century, generally been considered to represent altogether different ways of engaging with the world, of trying to gain insight into its operations, and of expressing the complexities of human and non- human life within it. The current upsurge of interest in the interrelations between these respective domains suggests, however, that these strict disciplinary boundaries no longer hold. Indeed, recent developments in both artistic and scientific practices increasingly point to the multiple, complex, and profound ways in which the two fields overlap, intersect, and mutually constitute, as well as differ, diverge, and complement each other. Welcomed and celebrated by some, the apparent rapprochement between art and science has also been downplayed, even denied by other critics and theorists. What has thus far remained obscure, however, is the function and role of gender, both in marking and maintaining the strict separation between the two discursive domains, and in hailing their putative merging and/or mutual permeation.
The aims of the conference are twofold. First, by inviting scholars, artists, scientists, and critics to enter into dialogue with one another, it hopes to open up a space in which critically to explore the complex interactions, crossovers, differences, and divergences, between art and science and their respective practitioners. Second, since the Institute for Gender Studies has, since its foundation, served as a platform for interdisciplinary gender research, the conference seeks to foreground this central category of differentiation, and interrogate its role in the interaction between art and science, both as distinct discursive domains, and as practices of power/knowledge.

 Plenary events
Opening, Keynote Address
Roundtable Discussion 'Art, Theory, and Criticism'
A. Materialised Meanings and Artistic Representations of Mary - session I & II
B. Gender & Performance – session I & II
C. Posthumanist Science/Fiction – session I & II
D. ‘Boundary Making, Boundary Breaking' The Gender Politics of Boundary Work in Computer Science
E. First Things First: Facts and Fictions about Sexuality

Please register before October 1st, 2005 at:  

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