Eveline Lubbers on Wed, 9 Jan 2002 09:33:02 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [Nettime-nl] xs4all gaat samenwerken met KPN konkurr

En hangt die samenwerking dan ook samen
met de prijsverhoging die KPN vandeweek
heeft doorgevoerd voor ADSL/MXstream.

Ik was net geswitcht naar Xs4all/Adsl omdat
UPC zomaar de prijzen omhoog gooide en er
dan geen verschil meer was -in prijs tenminste- 
met een kabelaansluiting. 
Nog steeds blij terug in het nest te komen hoor,
maar toch...

From:           	geert lovink <geert@desk.nl>
To:             	nettime-nl@nettime.org
Date sent:      	Wed, 9 Jan 2002 11:39:33 +1100
Subject:        	[Nettime-nl] xs4all gaat samenwerken met KPN konkurrent

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> XS4ALL to pilot BBned in ADSL
> 08/01/2002
> XS4ALL, one of the internet providers owned by KPN Telecom, has
> announced it will be trialing BBned, KPN's competitor in ADSL. 
> XS4ALL, which already offers KPN's ADSL Mxstream, is looking to offer
> extra speed, which it believes BBned can provide. 
> According to an XS4ALL spokeswoman, the company has a special,
> relatively independent, status within the KPN ensemble. XS4ALL has
> decided try-out BBned, however, for various reasons. BBned stands to
> offer them extra downstream speed and double upstream speed which is
> useful to customers that want to webcast themselves. 
> If the two-month pilot, which begins at the end of January, is
> successful, the company plans to make the BBned service, in addition to
> XS4ALL's Mxstream offer, available to customers starting May 2002.
> Participants in the pilot are XS4ALL employees. 
> On a similar note, this week KPN announced a 23 per cent increase in its
> Mxstream subscription.

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